75 Formal High And Tight Haircut Ideas – Show Your Style

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If you have a fantasy for the high and tight haircut, then it is time to get and be done with it. Military guys look fabulous in them, and it should be worth to try how you would look in one. The good news is that no one has ever looked out of place in this type of cut so you can confidently tell your barber it is all you want. But first, what are the options for you? Here is a worth guide for your sampling and be assured that whatever you choose is a rocking guarantee.

# 1 Black Spikes

A cut for you to look fresh every other day and you do not have to break a sweat for it. Just like all other military cuts, sides are cut clean and a top trimmed to less than a medium size. The top is then groomed to form a flat landing, and you will like the look of it. It gives a free feeling, and this is a good style with no other obligations once you have it.

# 2 Wave Fringe with Side Sweep

You do not have to get that short and close cut to look great. Wave fringe with side sweep is one of the best high and tight haircut for your desire. Sides are cleared but not to bareness. The top is waved at the front, and the rest is swept across the top, but it does not leave the top perk. If boldness is something you wish to bring out with your hair, then you can never have a better choice than this.

# 3 Sleek Classic

Cute guys will kill for this style. It exudes their natural handsomeness and all just for a simple cut. The sides are given a close cut with the lower part getting the closest clearing. The top is what will dazzle you. It is compounded into a thick medium sized heap that is finely combed. At the front, a bundle of the strand is raised a little to look like a gate into an endless freshness.

# 4 Cliff Image

A 3 layer style, the cliff image is popular among guys who do not want to spare any of their good looks. Sides are done a justified almost-clear shave and top is left natural or just given a light trimming. The thick bundles of strands are given a backwards tilt, and they remain high and tight.

# 5 Half-Mohawk

Mohawk can take many looks, and when modified it looks even marvelous. Half-Mohawk is such a cut that is sleek as the word. Sides are cleaned to a spotless surface. The top is flattened at the back part of it only to rise into a Mohawk towards the front. The fact that it does not extend to the entire top head is why it is called ‘half’.

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