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A fade cut is any male hairstyle that has a gradual transition from short hair to longer hair. Although there are many variations of this type of haircut, the idea behind all the variations is the same. These styles are ideal for both formal and casual look, and they also offer a barber an opportunity to experiment with different ideas.

Taper fade men’s haircuts have been around for a very long time but in recent years, their popularity has increased tremendously. In fact, these haircuts are now among the most popular styles if not the most popular haircuts for the modern man. And as the popularity of these haircuts continues to grow people are always experimenting with new styles and so there are now more types of fade taper haircuts than any other time. The following are 20 common types of the popular and stylish taper fade haircuts.

#1 Taper Fade Mohawk


taper fade haircuts

Source: hairbrained.me

In this type of hairstyle, the hairs on the back of your head increase in length from top to bottom. The hairs at the top of your head are left to be longer than those at the back of your head so that they can be lifted in a Faux Hawk style. The lifting of the hair is what gives this style its Mohawk look. In case you want to wear this style on your own without visiting your hairstylist, you should use a small amount of deluxe pomade. You should apply the pomade gently on the hair and then lift it to form the Faux Hawk style.

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