30 Masculine Braids For Long Hair – Be Unique & Stylish

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Gone are the days when men were okay with cheap haircuts or simple buzz cuts. Instead of shaving their long locks most men nowadays prefer to keep them and try different styles. Of all the styles men try on long hairs nowadays braids are among the most popular if not the most popular hairstyle for the long locks. Due to their popularity braids for long hair have undergone a tremendous transformation over the years from simple cornrows to more complicated French twists and other elegant styles. And so if you keep a long hair it is important to know some of the options available for you in case you want to have some braids. This list provides you with 30 exquisite hairstyles that will inspire you to choose the best look for your mane.

# 1 Fresh and Simple Cornrows

If you are not sure which style of braid will look good on your long hair, then you should try simple cornrows as you can never go wrong with these. The idea is to have a few big cornrows rather than have many smaller ones because the fewer they are, the easier it will be to wear and maintain. You should give them a unique style in between them to make them less dull.

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