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60 Modern Bowl Cuts for Men in 2024

Do you see music and acting stars with the bowl cut and you wish it was you?

It is something that happens with every other great hairstyle and it is such a creation that has never lost its popularity since its inception many years back.

If you are craving to have the bowl look, here are 60 styles to choose from. There is something for your type of face and head so make yourself comfortable with your preference;

# 1 Short Tousled Bowl

Bowl cuts are usually neat and trim, and we see this here around the edges. The bowl cut is a perfect circle around the top of the forehead. However, the top is tousled, giving this classic style and casual kick.


# 2 Forward Swept Bowl Cut

Although this cut has the classic bowl shape, all the hair at the sides is brushed forward towards the forehead. It adds an unorthodox element that draws the eye, especially on hair this light.


# 3 Bowl Mullet

This bowl cut is long, and contains elements of another style: the mullet. The back is much longer than the front if you exclude the curls coming down by the temples. This is truly a bowl cut for cowboys and rockstars.


# 4 High Bowl & High Fade

For a cut that blends a cool high skin fade with the bowl cut, keep the bowl high and the fade not much longer. The thick hair on top and the fade complement each other well.


# 5 Messy Bowl with Streak

Two elements make this bowl cut unique. One is the messy look you don’t usually see with the neat style. Another is the wide bleached streak in the front. This look suits easy-going guys who like to show their wilder side.


# 6 Curly Bowl Shape

You wouldn’t know this is a bowl cut if we hadn’t told you. The messy curls hide the shape, along with the slightly longer back. This is an easy, simple style for guys with no time to spend on their hair.


# 7 Gently Curls

For guys who have a little more time and curly hair, these well-maintained curls form a more distinct bowl cut around the sides, but the longer hair on the forehead adds something unique.


# 8 Bowl with Longer Back

Not quite a mullet and not quite a bowl, this cut is thick on top and bald below, but the back extends to the nape of the neck in a shaggy, eye-catching sweep.


# 9 Perfect Bowl & Beard

Here the ruggedly handsome bearded gentleman meets the clean-cut neatness of a perfect bowl cut. This one is for men who like to show both sides of themselves at once.


# 10 Bowl Front with Tapered Sides

If you want longer hair, consider a perfect bowl cut in the front that gradually gets longer towards the back. It’s shaggy, easy to maintain and takes no effort to style.


# 11 Medium Size Bowl

With the top bowl falling over the sides undercut, you look ready to rock any event you are attending. Sides are shaved to almost half inch and brushed to form a flat and smooth appearance.

Top is trimmed to medium size and cropped to fall by the sides. It is a look for the stars and the closely shaved sideburns and mustache add the mastery in the cut.


# 12 Hipster Design

This is one of the most coveted hairdo that guys would give all for it. Bowl begins at the topmost part of the head and makes a smooth fall to cover the entire head skull.

Each strand is combed straight to fine effect that gives you a beauty to admire. The style is given an even better improvement with a short bull horn mustache that will be a turn on wherever you go.


# 13 Long & Side Swept

Who said the bowl cannot be long? You can have your wish for long design. Hair is given the room to grow and then given the mushroom effect to fall to the sides, back and the front.

Part on the forehead is given a side sweep which ends up almost covering one of the eyes. It is a look for the party and you will be noticeable from afar.


# 14 Curly Bowl

Cute guys would fall for this cut to bring out the facial handsomeness. Hair is set to do its curls naturally or induced.

A mushroom impression is then applied which does not go beyond the ears and the middle of the part between front hairline and eyebrows.

It is a stunning look and the girls will be all eyes to see a guy who really understands modern fashion.


# 15 Blond & Modern

Blonds are never in shortage of a thing to do with their easy-going hair. Sides are shaved leaving some traces of soft hair layers and then brushed to downward smoothness.

Top is trimmed to medium size and then parted on one side with each side allowed to fall to the sides. For a casual guy on a long holiday this is a style to consider due to its simplicity and ease to maintain.


# 16 Undercuts

Undercuts are top styles with footballers and you could try one too. With the sides given a close shave, the top is left to fall down but given a trim to expose the undercut on the sides.

Hair is left straight to go with the brushed sides. This is a confident guy look and you would make a good use with one of these.


# 17 Neatly Tapered

Just like the name says, there is a show of neatness in this style. Sides are closely shaved and brushed smooth in preparation to the top patch which will be a direct contrast.

Ball begins at the drop of the back head. A short section of it goes to the back while the larger section moves to the front.

At the division of the front and the back sections, a rift is formed and it seems like a neat division that was intended. Sides do not get any considerable bowl effect but it is there to live to the name.


# 18 White Slits

For those with sparse top hair, a bowl cut is not such a difficult cut to have. Fall begins at the back drop of the head making way to the sides, the front and back.

Front and sides are trimmed leaving the face and ears in the clear. Back fall is not trimmed as it runs to cover the neck region. Strands are divided into bundles of splits and it is a great appearance.


# 19 Colored Bangs

Adding color and pomp to your bangs is something you have done long time ago. May be you had no idea how to do it with a bowl and that is why this style is your best bet.

Thick top mop is dyed to a shiny brown and dropped to cover the entire head. It is grooved to the sides of the ears to leave them in the open.

Front bangs are touched to a slight side twitch and it is a finish that would give you a cute look to go for any occasion.


# 20 Faded Nape

Among the best bowls, faded nape would make a great impression on you. It starts at the top with a thick mop that fades as the fall goes down.

At the beginning of the sides, it is trimmed to a smooth close cut and that is what creates the fading impact. The fade is given a curving impression which rises towards the front. It is a bewilderment to have such a cut.


# 21 Messy Bowl

Bowl should not always be a smooth finish – you could have it curly and messy. Let it make the curves and waves before you give it a ‘bowl’ fall and you will have a star look that you have always wanted.

Bushy appearance at the top is something that makes this a rocking style.


# 22 Mushroom Head

The serious guy is a definite catch among many guys. It is a serious look that would be perfect for your serious look. The fall begins at the top and gets around the head forming a thick girdle.

The fall is trimmed to leave the face and ear clearly exposed. Simplicity is the underline for this style and you will like it to the last straw. It would be effective if you had no beards of whatever sort.


# 23 Brown & Long

Brown hair with a shiny look would make a greatness that you have never had in a long time. You leave your hair thick and drop it around the head.

At the back it is left to go long while the sides and the front are curved inwards to a bundled finish. It is an easy-going style for the fun-loving guy or the next music performance you have.


# 24 Free Forehead

Leaving your forehead free gives you an impression of cute cheeks and perfect cheekbones. Top and side hair is coiffured to great roundness over the hair edges.

Front patch is layered into what appears as bangs but swept aside to give the forehead a clear view that would be easy to notice for its cuteness.


# 25 Dyed & Textured

A medium bowl fall would be an impressive look when it is dyed and textured. It is given a rough touch before being dyed to a varying hue of fading purple and pink.

Tips are trimmed to leave the front in the clearing while the sides go as low as the ears. For the round face, this is a great appearance that would leave you exuding confidence and natural beauty.


# 26 Classic Haircut

The classic cut does not choose on the basis of age, it can go for the kids, the teen as well as adults. Its simplicity is something you will love.

Entire top is dropped all round the head forming a hood-like appearance. Tips are trimmed to the ear level and a face is covered to the eye brows. It is a style that would be ready for both casual and formal functions.


# 27 Sexy Maintained

Small guys would make a good use of a long bowl to leave their sexy looks on display. Hair is let to do its down growing to long strands. It may be left smooth or curled to whichever of the two you find better.

It is a style to go for any occasion you may have. It can go as far as the shoulders and only a few bangs fall onto the front face but the sexiness is never faded whatsoever.


# 28 Uneven Locks

They are not what you would call locks but they create what would pass as a modernity of that ancient style. Sides are trimmed and bundled into thick glued bundles to form the foundation on which the top ‘locks’ would drop on.

Top with its wavy interlocked bundles is drawn downwards but only to go as far the middle of the sides. A front is given a shallow cave appearance with 3 bangs forming tri-bangs impression.

A forehead is left untouched by any single strand and it is a stunning cut that would send the girls berserk.


# 29 Bleached Bowl

Bleached Bowl

A bleached bowl would make a bold statement if the hair was bleached to spotless white.

After the bleach, the low sides are shaved while the top is trimmed to medium size and dragged to fall around what is an unintended undercut.

Tips of the bowl are trimmed to make it end before it reaches the eyebrows to the front and the ears at the sides. A bold guy look is seen in every inch of the face and it all passes the test of greatness.


# 30 Rough-Edge Top

Low sides are closely cut and they will be a pure contrast of what falls to cover them. A bowl begins at the mid-top into a roundness that wraps itself over the head only leaving a thin band of the brushed and close shaved section.

On the top layer, hair is left rough and scattered leading to ‘bad guy’ intent. You can see the legendary Viking in this style and it can all come back if you choose to have this cut.


# 31 Cute Guy Bowl

For the guys who want to turn their flat top into a bowl, a cute guy style is what should be their priority.

A top patch is modeled into a head-round fall with a thinning effect with every drop until there is what looks like a clear shaving by the sides. With nothing on the ears and faces, it is all cuteness for all to see and appreciate.


# 32 Brown Shrine

Made popular by Justin Bieber, this cut is something that has never lost its top mark in modern hairstyles.

Thick brown top seems to originate from the back fall of the head. It then moves towards the front but it is keen to ensure that it covers the entire skull.

A back goes as far as the beginning of the nape. At the front, hair makes cropped look around the eyes but leaves eye view clear.


# 33 Vicar Top

A top and lower layers form an impression of the cap that is usually worn by vicar. It is achieved by shaving the sides to a few inches shorter than the top.

A top bowl begins at the drop of the back head but it is not long as it only makes a slight touch over the lower layer.


# 34 Thick Dark & Bangs

A good bowl would be given a deserving finish with medium bangs. Thick rich hair is allowed to fall all over the head and trimmed to form a medium style.

A front slightly goes over the eyebrows and you cannot resist a regular stop at the mirror to see the finesse in every strand.


# 35 ‘Marine’ Bowl

Marine cuts are famous with making impressive top and smooth sides.

A bowl kind is such a creation where the top is like a normal self advancing the shortened sides but then ends abruptly. It is a look for a trendy guy and you are one.


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The bowl cut will never lose its popularity and you are in rhythm of greatness if you have one. These styles can give you the great look you’ve always wanted.

It is all simple and for your convenience. It should not be such a hassle anymore to look for a cut that befits your look.

Pick one of these styles today and rock your way to the party, date or fun-packed event you may be attending.