50 Eye-Catching Bowl Cut Designs – For Stylish Men

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Do you see music and acting stars with the bowl cut and you wish it was you? It is something that happens with every other great hairstyle and it is such a creation that has never lost its popularity since its inception many years back. If you are craving to have the bowl look, here are 50 styles to choose from. There is something for your type of face and head so make yourself comfortable with your preference;

# 1 Medium Size Bowl

With the top bowl falling over the sides undercut, you look ready to rock any event you are attending. Sides are shaved to almost half inch and brushed to form a flat and smooth appearance. Top is trimmed to medium size and cropped to fall by the sides. It is a look for the stars and the closely shaved sideburns and mustache add the mastery in the cut.

# 2 Hipster Design

This is one of the most coveted hairdo that guys would give all for it. Bowl begins at the topmost part of the head and makes a smooth fall to cover the entire head skull. Each strand is combed straight to fine effect that gives you a beauty to admire. The style is given an even better improvement with a short bull horn mustache that will be a turn on wherever you go.

# 3 Long & Side Swept

Who said the bowl cannot be long? You can have your wish for long design. Hair is given the room to grow and then given the mushroom effect to fall to the sides, back and the front. Part on the forehead is given a side sweep which ends up almost covering one of the eyes. It is a look for the party and you will be noticeable from afar.

# 4 Curly Bowl

Cute guys would fall for this cut to bring out the facial handsomeness. Hair is set to do its curls naturally or induced. A mushroom impression is then applied which does not go beyond the ears and the middle of the part between front hairline and eyebrows. It is a stunning look and the girls will be all eyes to see a guy who really understands modern fashion.

# 5 Blond & Modern

Blonds are never in shortage of a thing to do with their easy-going hair. Sides are shaved leaving some traces of soft hair layers and then brushed to downward smoothness. Top is trimmed to medium size and then parted on one side with each side allowed to fall to the sides. For a casual guy on a long holiday this is a style to consider due to its simplicity and ease to maintain. 

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