50 Uncommon Juice Haircuts – Inspired by Tupac Shakur

Your hairstyle is arguably the first thing that people will notice as soon as they look at you. Considering how hard it is to make a second impression, it is important for you to ensure it is always stunning.

Juice haircut is a 90’s heritage. Tupac introduced it back in 1992 and it became highly popular. As we all know, there is nothing new under the sun.

You can also rock a juice haircut by taking one of the following stylish and classy designs:

# 1 High Top Fade

High Top Fade

This stylish haircut has become a favorite for many men thanks to Kid ‘n Play. Whereas hair at the top is left to remain long, the sides are cut off short.


# 2 Low Juice Haircut

Low Juice Haircut

Remember Tupac in the movie “Juice”? He rocked a haircut like this one; except for the fact that his was a high cut. This low version adds a bit of personality when combined with a clean curved line.


# 3 The Classic Fade Cut with Curved Line

The Classic Fade Cut with Curved Line

This side faded cut is perfect for showing facial features like a great jawline. It shifts attention from your haircut to your face.


# 4 Tapered Fade and Afro

Tapered Fade and Afro

This tampered fade cut features a high sitting afro with very clean and sharp lines. The sides are tapered to create a gradient effect, and the afro is shaped at precise angles that match the shape of your head.


# 5 Flat Top Juice Fade

Flat Top Juice Fade

Do you like flat top haircuts? Try this juice fade. The tramline creates a very appealing gradient just above the part where the hair begins to fade. It is one of the best versions of the flat top haircut.


# 6 Low Flat Top

Low Flat Top

This is the style for you if you don’t fancy long afro hair. The hair on the sides is cut off completely, and that on the top is left to be fairly short.


# 7 Classic Juice Fade

Classic Juice Fade

You can opt for this classic juice fade style. It gives a simple yet exquisite look that can be enhanced even further by a well-shaped sideburn and beard.


# 8 Black Faded Flat Top

Black Faded Flat Top

This flat top style originated from African Americans. It can either be a low or high cut. The outstanding channeling gives it an impressive gradient and thus a great resultant outlook.


# 9 Low Cut Fade with Tramline

Low Cut Fade with Tramline

The most outstanding and visible feature of this haircut is its tramline. The style is perfect when you are rocking slightly short hair and a long bushy beard.

That allows for tapering on the sides and thus highlighting your well-maintained beard.


# 10 Sharp Edged Low Fade

Sharp Edged Low Fade

The low cut makes your hair very smooth and even across the whole head. The sharp cuts and curved line offer an even better and more appealing look.


# 11 Shaped Afro Fade

Shaped Afro Fade

Will Smith made the shaped afro fade to be popular. However, modifications and variations like this one with a bleach on top made it more versatile.

The trick is to cut the hair in such a way that it forms a regular dome shape.


# 12 Flat Top with Artwork

Flat Top with Artwork

Contrary to your ordinary flat top haircut, this one features artwork that gives you and even better look.

This particular cut has an arrow tramline. Note that you can always choose any other artwork that you like or one that suits you most.


# 13 Juice Fade with Print

Juice Fade with Print

Just as Kanye West combines his juice fade with Aztec print, you can also do so with any other print of your choice.

A well-designed print (like this one) can combine your fade style with sideburns to give you an amazing outlook.


# 14 Faded Half High Top

Faded Half High Top

A high top design is good; a half high top is better, but a half high top that fades is definitely the best.

As you can see, a tramline cuts through one side of the head to make it shorter than the other (thus making it a half high top because only one side achieves the full height).


# 15 The Geometric Cut

The Geometric Cut

Here is yet another artistic variation of the high top. This style combines accurate lines and geometric shapes to offer a stunning haircut.


# 16 Juice Fade with Complex Artwork

Juice Fade with Complex Artwork

If you don’t fancy the traditional juice fade, then you can modify it with this amazing style that brings art into life.

The hair at the top tapers to allow that of the sides to be shaped and designed into stunning artworks.


# 17 Juice Fade with Color

Juice Fade with Color

Another modification to your traditional juice fade is the addition of color. The best way to do it is by adding a color that suits your skin tone and to the un-tapered part of your hair.


# 18 Half Juice Fade

Half Juice Fade

You can opt to have long hair on one-half of the top of your head and short hair on the other half. A clear tramline separates the two sides.


# 19 Juice Fade with Long Curve Line

Juice Fade with Long Curve Line

The main addition to this juice fade style is a fairly long curve line. It can run from the front to the middle or back of the head. As you can see in the image, the line can curve more than once before it ends.


# 20 High Flat Top with Angled Front

High Flat Top with Angled Front

This flat top is a demonstration of how great you can look when you combine a high cut with a flat top at a precise angle just above the forehead.


# 21 Ruff Hawk Fade

Ruff Hawk Fade

This is not your ordinary Mohawk. The top features long and curly hair while the sides are faded. The outstanding tramline adds extra umpf to the style.


# 22 Textured Juice Fade with Designs

Textured Juice Fade with Designs

The flat top is combined with an edgy cut and a fade on the sides. The tapering sides allow you to incorporate designs on both sides of the head.


# 23 Cylindrical High Top

Cylindrical High Top

As the name suggests, this style gives your hair a cylindrical shape. For this particular case, it is half a cylinder since one side is shorter than the other. The horizontal line adds value to the whole design.


# 24 The “Reverse-Balding” Fade

juice haircut with bald fade

A bald usually appears when a man’s hairline recedes until his forehead loses all hair completely.

Today, men rock hairstyles that “reverse” that process. Hair remains at the top and tapers at the sides so that they appear to be bald.


# 25 Tapered Juice High Top

Tapered Juice High Top

Tired of your traditional high top? Try combining it with a tapered juice haircut. The combination results in one of the most stunning looks.


Idea # 26

Juice Haircuts 26


Idea # 27

Juice Haircuts 27


Idea # 28

Juice Haircuts 28


Idea # 29

Juice Haircuts 29


Idea # 30

Juice Haircuts 30


Idea # 31

Juice Haircuts 31


Idea # 32

Juice Haircuts 32


Idea # 33

Juice Haircuts 33


Idea # 34

Juice Haircuts 34


Idea # 35

Juice Haircuts 35


Idea # 36

Juice Haircuts 36


Idea # 37

Juice Haircuts 37


Idea # 38

Juice Haircuts 38


Idea # 39

Juice Haircuts 39


Idea # 40

Juice Haircuts 40


Idea # 41

Juice Haircuts 41


Idea # 42

Juice Haircuts 42


Idea # 43

Juice Haircuts 43


Idea # 44

Juice Haircuts 44


Idea # 45

Juice Haircuts 45


Idea # 46

Juice Haircuts 46


Idea # 47

Juice Haircuts 47


Idea # 48

Juice Haircuts 48


Idea # 49

Juice Haircuts 49


Idea # 50

Juice Haircuts 50


With a good barber, you can pull off one of the looks very quickly and comfortably. Choose one that suits the shape of your head and rock it today for an amazing physical look.