30 Sexy Hairstyles For Men – Be Trendy in 2017

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Men are always looking to get the trendiest or coolest hairstyles, and most of them are willing to spend a fortune to make their hair look sharp. This is rightfully so because most people will naturally judge a man from the type of hair he wears, and so wearing a good hairstyle is not only necessary, but a must have for any man to be complete. There are many sexy hairstyles to choose from, but it is important to choose something that is suitable for your face shape, hair type and most importantly your personal preferences and tastes. To make it simpler for you here is a list of some trendy hairstyles for the modern man.

# 1 Medium Messy Hair

The medium messy hairstyle looks like grown out mane, but it is still very fashionable and sexy. This style is simple to wear, and some men do not have to do anything else on their hair besides from letting it grow to a medium size. Men with curly and wavy locks will have an easier time wearing this style because all they need to do is make their hair messy with their fingers ones it gets to medium length. Men with long or straight strands can get this style by scissor trimming and styling hair to give it a messy appearance.

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