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From Box Braids to Cornrows: 7 Types of Braids for Men to Try

Braids are a versatile and low-maintenance hairstyle suitable for men of all ages. Although man braids have recently experienced a surge in popularity, braided hairstyles for men have been around for millennia. From Africa to China, braids have symbolized men’s status and power throughout history.

Braids are one of the most fashionable hairstyles for men with long locks. Whether a man wants to make a cultural or fashion statement, there are many masculine types of braids for men.

As more men embrace wearing braids, many wonder what styling options are available. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the various types of braided hairstyles for men.


Different Types of Braids for Men


cornrow braids for men

Cornrows convey masculinity and style, making them one of the most popular and recognizable types of man braids. The term cornrow refers to the hairstyle’s resemblance to the cornfields where many African Americans worked in the 19th and 20th centuries.

To create the cornrow hairstyle, braid hair flat and close to the scalp. Cornrows are one of the most versatile braided hairstyles and often resemble worlds of art. Depending on the braid’s size and hair density, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to cornrow a person’s hair.


Box Braids

box braids for men

Originating in Africa over 3000 years ago, box braids became popular in the US in the 1990s with a recent resurgence in the 2010s. Box braids work best with naturally tight curly hair.

To create this hairstyle, divide hair into multiple squared or box-shaped sections and braid each section into individual plaits.


Braided Man Bun

braided man bun

This creative braided hairstyle for men adds braids to the popular man bun. Depending on your tastes, you can create this hairstyle with a single braid or multiple braids pulled back into a bun.

The braided man bun can feature a single braid pulled back into a standard bun or multiple braids pulled back into an intricate bun.

Thick hair works best for the braided man bun hairstyle, although men with fine hair may be able to achieve this style by creating a mini bun. Both cornrows and box braids work well with the braided man bun.


Dread Braids

man with dread braids

This two-in-one hairstyle combines dreadlocks and braids to create a fashionable masculine hairstyle. This hairstyle adds volume and thickness to your hair, transforming your dreadlocks into a new look.

Creating this hairstyle is easy using the classic three-strand plait. It’s easiest to braid sections of dreadlocks instead of braiding individual dreadlocks. Cornrows are an excellent alternative to the classic three-strand plaits when creating this style.


Viking Braids

viking braids for men

One of the most versatile types of braids for men, Viking braids have become popular thanks to the History Channel’s series about these historical warriors. Viking braids can be worn in various braided styles, including the following:

  • Braided Side Part: Create this hairstyle with a simple side part on each side of your head. The style looks great with shaved sides. This braided style pairs well with the undercut and pompadour hairstyles.
  • Undercut with single braid: This style features shaved sides with an undercut and a single braid in the middle of the head.
  • Multi Braids with long hair: Achieve this hairstyle by braiding your long hair into sections while leaving some of it to fall loosely down your shoulders.


Braided Mohawk

braided mohawk for men

Mohawk hairstyles have been trending in recent years, and the braided mohawk is a masculine twist on this popular hairstyle. This hairstyle is versatile, and you can quickly adapt it to any occasion. Some of the most popular braided mohawk hairstyles include the following:

  • Side braids with topknot: Braid hair into small plaits on each side of the mohawk. Slick the remaining hair back with gel and gather it into a topknot.
  • French braid: If you have long hair and shaved sides, this is a mohawk style worth considering. Simply French braid your hair down the center of your head to achieve this look.
  • Cornrows: Braid your loose hair into cornrows for a variation on the traditional mohawk.


Two Braids

two braids for men

As the name suggests, this braided hairstyle features two braids. This hairstyle typically features two french braids on each side of the head. Two braided hairstyles are versatile and only limited by the braiders’ creativity. They can combine cornrows and french braids or french braids and a Viking haircut.


Braids as a Statement

Braiding hair is an art form with the most intricate braids for men taking hours to complete. When a man styles his hair in braids, he’s making a statement about himself. Braids communicate confidence, power, and style.

There are countless unique ways men can style their hair using braids. You’re only limited by your braiding ability.

If you don’t know how to braid your hair, you can hire a professional to create the look you want. Whatever style you choose, the braids for men trend is likely to continue for years to come.