80 Flirtatious Side Part Haircuts for Men – Choose Your Style

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There is something distinct about a side part haircut that makes a man look very refined, and this is what makes most men include in their styles. It also works for most face shapes, and you can have it as part of any hairdo. It is a flirtatious, clean and also very classy hairstyle that every modern gentleman should try out at some point. This gallery will give you some ideas of how you can make it part of your style and you can be sure of finding something that will impress you from the 45 trendy haircuts.

# 1 Neat Layered Comb Over

If you have a beautiful naturally dark toned hair like this one, then you will not have to do much to create a refined look. This design only requires you to leave some neat and long locks on the crown and give the sides a high fade and a razor line. You should then finish by combing over the long hairs in layers.

# 2 Vintage Upswept Waves

Vintage haircuts are all about using a generous amount of gel in styling. However, this one has a modern touch that comes from up sweeping the wavy strands on the crown slightly. It also has a hard side part that creates a disconnected look.

# 3 Feathered Brush Back and Skin Fade

The neat razor line on the sides is what makes it possible to style these feathered strands. And their styling is very simple as you only need to sweep them back in subtle layers. The style also has a beautiful skin fade on the sides and back that helps to expose the lovely tattoos on the head.

# 4 Sharp Slick Back

A haircut like this one is what a gentleman needs because it will make him stand out from the rest. It entails leaving some smooth brown locks on the top and giving the side and back a taper fade. And to finish the design you only need to give the long locks an impeccable slick back.

# 5 Sleek Taper and Side Part

The taper cut on this design is as elegant as it can get because it allows you to maintain hair throughout the head. This charming headdress also has a soft part line on the side that you should use to sweep the tapered strands to the sides and back.

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