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50 Masculine Braids For Long Hair – Be Unique & Stylish

Gone are the days when men were okay with cheap haircuts or simple buzz cuts. Instead of shaving their long locks most men nowadays prefer to keep them and try different styles.

Of all the styles men try on long hairs nowadays braids are among the most popular if not the most popular hairstyle for the long locks.

Due to their popularity braids for long hair have undergone a tremendous transformation over the years from simple cornrows to more complicated French twists and other elegant styles.

And so if you keep long hair it’s important to know some of the options available for you in case you want to have some braids.

This list provides you with 50 exquisite hairstyles that will inspire you to choose the best look for your mane.

# 1 Fresh and Simple Cornrows

 braids for long hair
If you are not sure which style of braid will look good on your long hair, then you should try simple cornrows as you can never go wrong with these.

The idea is to have a few big cornrows rather than have many smaller ones because the fewer they are, the easier it will be to wear and maintain. You should give them a unique style in between them to make them less dull.


# 2 Braided Buns with Side Designs

This is a unique style that combine’s neat braids and a man bun. Some designs are also put on the closely shaved side and back of the head.

Start by shaving the sides and back of your head then leave long hair at the top. Weave the top hairs into a couple of braids and then pull them together into a bun. You can enhance the style with some patterns on the sides and back.


# 3 Zigzag Boy Braids

Rather than getting the conventional cornrows that flow straight towards the back of the head you can spice up your style by braiding yours in a zigzag manner for a unique look.

The pattern created by weaving the braids zigzag makes plain cornrows look like a whole new braid style.


# 4 French Braid down the Middle

French braids always look fabulous no matter how you do them, but the only shortcoming is that they are very common since most men with long hair prefer them.

However, you can still look unique by doing your French braid differently like in this style where there is only one big twist in the top part of the head that stretches to the center of the head.


# 5 Jumbo Cornrows with Some Color

Adding some bright colors to your cornrows will make them look fresh, and it also adds some twist to this traditional braid style.

For this look, you should dye some sections of the hair with a bright color like brown or a shade of purple. When the hair is made into braids, the small patches of the bright color will make the cornrows look fresher.


# 6 French Braid and a Pigtail

A pigtail at the end of a French jumbo braid in the middle of the head will make your braided hair look fantastic, but you should trim your sides and back to make the pigtail more visible.

This style works well with a medium sized top hair because when weaved into a braid it will leave hair that is small enough to form a pigtail at the head crown.


# 7 The Viking Braids

The Viking Braids are a pair nicely done braids with each one of them occupying one side of the head.

They work particularly well in very long hair since the Viking braids should flow all the way past the shoulders to finish the traditional look of a Viking warrior.


# 8 Viking Braids with a Man Bun

Although the traditional Viking braids still look good enough, you can enhance this appearance or give them a modern touch with a man bun.

For this hairstyle, you should start with the two Viking Braids but instead of letting them flow all the way down you should pull them together to form a man bun at the center or back of the head.


# 9 The Neat Fishtail Braid

If you would like to have simple braids that do not involve a lot of weaving, then you should try this neat but simple fishtail braid.

For this style, you should leave the long hair on the upper section of the head then shave the sides and back. Pull the hair together and weave it into a braid that starts from the crown.


# 10 Long Vertical Cornrows and a Beard

Long vertical cornrows that flow all the way to your back will look fabulous but when you pair them with oversized facial hairs, then you will look way much better.

There is nothing fancy about getting this style as all you need is keep a full beard and long hairs that can be made into cornrows.


# 11 Extra Long Viking Braids with a Fishtail

Add some spice to your Viking style by making braids more extended and finishing them both with a cute fishtail.

This is a simple style to wear. All you need to do is to have an extra long hair that can be twisted into Viking braids. The fishtail is easy to make at the ends with a small hair band.


# 12 Messy French Braid and a Ponytail

The French jumbo braid that men like to have on the top part of the head does not have to be neat to look good.

You can make yours messy and finish it with a ponytail for a unique look. This style works particularly well for men with wavy or curly hair as it is easier to make these types of hair messy.


# 13 The Side Braid Magic

A single braid made in the right place can totally change how you look and give you some class.

The style starts with a simple long hair at the top that is pulled into a man bun, but the introduction of a single braid on the side of the hair takes the look to a different level.


# 14 Woven Fishtail

Here is another long hair style that any man who has some taste will appreciate. It’s quite simple to pull. All that is required is to weave the hair into a cute fishtail and then push the hair to the back.

There are different methods of creating the fishtail but whatever you choose make sure that it looks like a fishtail in the end.


# 15 Dreads Twist Out Elegance

There are many things that a man can do with his fully grown dreadlocks, and so you should not be afraid to experiment with different things.

In this style, the dreadlocks are twisted into a sophisticated center box pattern. The style may look complicated, but it should be pretty easy to create for experienced hands.


# 16 The Three Braid Viking Perfection

Some long braid styles look good, but others have no words to describe them because they look way much better than just perfect.

The three braid Viking style is an example of such a style. In this style, the top hair is made into three parts with the middle one being bigger than the side ones.

The braids are then pulled together on their ends and tied with a band. The rest of the head should also be trimmed close to finish a polished look.


# 17 Thor Inspired Braids

This style works well for men with a long thick hair, and it starts by pulling half of the mane into a man bun.

The other portion of the hair is weaved into a couple of braids while the rest of it is left to flow in its natural locks. You can create as many small braids as you wish but make sure that you leave some of the hair unbraided.


# 18 Locks and Braids

If you prefer keeping a portion of your long hair in its natural locks, and you also would like to wear some braids, then you should try this style that mixes braids with natural locks.

Weave some portions of your long hair into braids in different parts of your head and leave other hairs unbraided. This will create a pattern where you natural locks are still visible amongst the braids.


# 19 Single Long Braid

 braids for long hair


Men with a very long hair (at least waist level) can try this elegant braid style that consists of a single long braid that brings together all their hairs.

To wear this style, pull your long hair into a bun and tie it with a band. The long hair that flows from the bun should then be weaved into one long braid and finish it with a fishtail at the end if you like.


# 20 Mixed Hairs with Shaved Sides

 braids for long hair


The idea of mixing different sized braids with your natural hair locks is good, but you can make it even more attractive by closely shaving the sides and back of your head.

However, it does not make a big difference whether you cut the back or not because it will be completely covered by the locks and braids.


# 21 Braided Hairs with Topknot

 braids for long hair


A topknot adds some beauty to a nicely braided hair. To get the topknot right, the hairs are braided from different directions of the head but directed to the center where the topknot will be created.

The braiding part is simple but some difficulties may come up when folding the topknot, but it will look just fine as long as no hairs are left protruding.


# 22 Unique Patterned Cornrows

Cornrows do not always have to be plain and simple as you can make yours look better with some patterns.

Instead of the conventional vertical cornrows you can have yours flowing in a different direction and others crisscrossing each other to form a unique pattern.


# 23 Center Parted Side Rows

Another unique way to wear braids for long hair is to center part your hair and create distinct styles for the two sides.

You can have one or two vertical braids on the one hand and then have few of them flow diagonally on the other side. Leaving some portions of hair unbraided in between the braids will make the style look much better.


# 24 Topknot and Side Braids Combo

Combining two elegant styles can give you that perfect hairstyle that you have always wanted.

In this style, a nicely done topknot is combined with equally good side braids to give a look that every man with a long hair should consider trying.

The side braids are also unique since they are divided into two sections with a center part. A single vertical braid is then made on one portion and a couple of diagonal ones made on the other half to finish the look.


# 25 The Heart Braid

The heart braid uses four braids to create a heart shape at the back of the head with the rest of the mane left to flow naturally.

For this style, you should make two braids on opposite sides of the head and then bring them together at the back and tie with a band.

Create two other braids on the sides (below the two) and bring them together at the back. You can then use the four braids to form the heart shape or any other shape at the back of the head.


# 26 Side Swept Hair with 2 Simple Braids

Side swept hair looks good especially when done on thick, smooth locks, but you can make it more stylish with a couple of braids on the other half of the hair that is not side swept.

You can have cornrows or two simple messy braids for this style just below the side parting line.


# 27 Unique Frontwards Cornrows

Ideally cornrows should flow backward but you can go out of the norm and braid yours in the opposite directions.

Braiding your cornrows frontwards is an interesting and unique idea but be ready to have big braids all over your face. This style is particularly good for people who want to cover up something on their face.


# 28 Fully Braided Hairs and a Man Bun

For a neat and elegant long hairstyle, you should fully braid all your hairs and then pull them together in a big man bun.

You can braid them any way you wish, but cornrows and French braids that are medium in size seem to go well with this style.


# 29 Jumbo French Braid with Close Shaved Sides

A French jumbo braid at the top part of the head is ideal for men who would wish to keep their hair level flat and without too much detail.

The French braid should be simple but well done and combined with very closely shaved sides and back to make sure that all attention remains at your single eye-catching braid.


# 30 The Braided Faux Hawk

Men with long hair who love faux hawks and braids can have them both in one easy style. For this style, you should shave the sides and leave your long hair at the middle section of your head.

You should then braid the hair and leave a fishtail at the end to complete a gorgeous faux hawk inspired long hairstyle.


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Braiding was a preserve for ladies a few years ago. However, as more and more men discover that they can look equally good if not better in braids many are beginning to experiment with new styles.

If you have a medium or long hair, then you should also try one of these braids for long hairstyles as it might be the best thing you have ever done with your hair.