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75 Fabulous Man Bun Hairstyles Trending In 2024

A man bun is a simple but stylish hairstyle that will help a man tame the flow of his long or medium length mane. To create this style all that you need to do is to pull your hairs to the center of the head or back and then wrap and pin it.

Contrary to what most people think they do not all look the same, and you can create very fashionable one by twisting the hair inventively or combining with other hairdos.

Although it is not always easy for men to design chic buns, the following 75 hairstyles will give you some ideas on what you can try.

# 1 Puffy High Bun

top man bun

Curly hair is a nightmare to maintain. Instead of trying to tame it, put it into a neat man bun. High on the head, this puffy, curly knot is easy, casual and shows off your face.


  # 2 Loose & Low

man bun for older guys

This loose, easy bun is a perfect method of getting long hair out of your face. It’s the kind of look that drives women wild when you finally take down the bun and shake out your tousled mane.


# 3 Small Low Knot

low man bun

For guys with medium-length hair that keeps whipping in the wind, secure your hair into a small, low knot. This style works for easy maintenance, but also for style.


# 4 High, Semi-Messy Bun

man bun hairstyle

Worn high on the head, the hair is pulled back slickly but thrown messily into a bun. It’s secure, but twisted in shape that makes it look more casual than the rest of your hair.


# 5 Space Buns

man bun for black guys

Space buns are a fun twist on a man bun, and draw tons of interest. They look particularly wonderful with curly and afro hair as they’re voluminous and full of texture. It’s also fantastic for men who want to bend gender norms.


# 6 Loose Wrapped Top Knot

man bun style

This bun sits perfectly on top of the head and the hair in it is wrapped around neatly.  As the top and sides are pulled into the knot, they’re a little puffy and loose – not slick or flat to the head.


# 7 Low Neat Business Bun

man bun with beard

This look is fantastic for men who need to turn their casual locks formal. Pull your hair back over the sides of your head into a neat little bun low on your head.


# 8 Textured Thick Bun

hipster man bun

This textured bun is clearly for guys with curly hair, pulled straight to tie up.  The resulting bun is thick, with the curly ends sticking out to add some interest on top.


# 9 Undercut Messy Bun

This bun is messy with lots of ends sticking out, looking cool and casual. The hair is pulled back relatively neatly. However, the interest here comes from the undercut. It’s fantastically modern.


#10 Twisted Ombre Top Knot

If you really value your hair and its beauty, get a dark to blonde ombre dye and show it off by tying your hair up in a twisting knot with loose, curly ends creating a messy look that somehow also appears elegant. A scraggly beard pairs well with this style.


# 11 Tight with Protruding Locks

The length of the hairs on this design is incredible, and it is what makes it possible to create it. It is a simple design to create since you only have to pull your strands to the center of the head and then tie them with a band.

You should make the knot tight for it to look neat but you should also leave a few locks protruding from it to make the design unique. And if you pair it with full facial hairs you will have a very fashionable look.


# 12 Messy Low Bun

This style is ideal for a man who wishes to maintain a natural look and does not have a lot of time to spare for styling his hair. To create it you should finger-comb your hairs to the back and then tie them into a loose low bun.

You do not have to make it neat, and instead, you should leave a few locks flowing freely. Leaving the few free strands is what gives it the messy and natural look and hence making it a trendy design.


# 13 Colored and Braided Bun

If you prefer something detailed and fancy, then you should try this cool hairdo with your long strands. This style starts by introducing some color to your locks, but you can also use colored extensions if you do not wish to dye your locks.

The next step is to create some fancy cornrows in the crown and then finish all of them at the center of the head where you should roll and tie them into a bun. You can also braid the strands below it or just leave them flowing to the back.


# 14 Crown Bun with Side Part and Tapering

This style is as sexy as it can get and if you can replicate it, then you can be sure of a head turning look. And although it looks sophisticated it is very straightforward, and you will have little trouble if you know how to create it and if you have the right length.

It involves pulling the strands on the crown into a tight knot and then creating a hard side part line below it. You should then taper the strands below the line to the same level as your sideburns.


# 15 Twisted Topknot

The size of this knot is incredible, and it means that you should have very long locks if you want to replicate the look. It is a very straightforward design provided you have the right length, and you know how to make a bun.

To wear this style you should pull all your hair to the center of the head and then twist and tuck them into a tight knot. You will also look very stylish if you have healthy dark toned strands due to their incredible shine.


# 16 Bold and Simple

Some men prefer to go for something simple but yet still very stylish as it helps them make a statement and draw all the attention that they need.

This style is a perfect example of this, and the good thing is that you can still create it even if you do not have a very long mane.

All you need to do to replicate this look is to pull the strands and pin them into a bun. However, you can also spice up your look with some inventive twisting before tying the strands.


# 17 Luscious Locks with a Bun

If you are patient enough to grow out your locks and are also fortunate to have some voluminous luscious locks, then an elegant bun is enough to give you a refined look.

To create one like this you should pull your strands inventively to create a ball like design before tying them.

And for the bun, you do not even need a band since you can use a few of your luscious locks to wrap around the bun and hold it in place.


# 18 Elegant Low Chignon

The elegance of this headdress will make any man want to grow out his strands so he can have it.

Everything from the color of the hair to the texture of the strands is top notch, and this makes styling easy for you since you do not have to do much to create a polished look.

And so all you should do is to pull all the strands neatly to the back and then tie them into a simple low chignon to finish your refined look.


# 19 Sleek and High Pony Knot

This design is very sleek and trendy, but it is still very easy to create provided you have a medium or long hair. To wear this style you only need to leave hair on the crown and fade the sides and back.

You should then pull the medium length strands to the center of the head and tie them into a sleek pony. And you can spice it a little by making it slightly curly.


# 20 Stylish Blonde Top Knot

Bleaching or coloring your hair can also give you a very refined look like this blonde bleach. However, you still need to create a stylish design if you want to look good in your distinctive color.

In this style, the strands form a small and tight topknot on the crown while the sides and back are tapered short.


# 21 Classy Braids and Buns

This headdress combines braids and a simple bun to create a very refined look that any man with long locks should try. To replicate this look, you should create medium size rows of French braids that flow to the back.

However, you can also create any other fancy type of twist that you like, but the ones on the crown should end at the center of the head where you should roll them into a neat bun.


# 22 Easy Messy and Curly Bun

There are no fancy cuts or sophisticated styles in this hairdo, but it still looks amazing. To wear this look, you need to style your curly locks into a loose knot at the center of the head.

You should also make the knot slightly messy and also ensure that you maintain the curly look as this is what makes this a polished design.


# 23 Delightful Curly Ponytail

You cannot achieve a stylish look without a healthy hair and some inventive styling. These two things are what makes this particular headdress look very delightful.

The locks on the design are very long, and they have some lovely natural curls. Since the strands are naturally beautiful, you only need a simple styling to make them look magnificent.

The tight pony in this style is enough, and it has some beautiful curly locks flowing from it, and it will make any man look very fashionable.


# 24 Low Knot for Medium Length Tresses

One of the things that make man buns popular with men that keep long tresses is their simplicity. This hairdo is as simple as it can get and you will never have to spend a lot of your precious time styling it.

The low knot on this design is a perfect example of how simple these hairdos are because it will only take you a couple of minutes to create.

All you need for this style is to brush back your strands and then roll and tie them tightly into a knot.


# 25 Natural Dreadlocked Bun

Dreadlocks are very familiar, but most men have trouble styling them, and so most will always leave them flowing to the back. However, you can use a simple bun like this one to spice up your dreads.

To create it you should pull them back and wrap them into a bun while using a few of them to tie it tight. You should also leave a few of them free just to add a twist to the look.


# 26 Innovative Double Knots

If you want a unique hairstyle, you should be ready to break away from the norm. This style is a perfect example of this as it uses double knots to create a very distinct look.

Double knots are very popular with ladies, but a man can also have them. And contrary to what some people may think they will still give you a masculine look.

If you pair it with your full facial hairs, you will be able to create a unique headdress.


# 27 Textured and Messy Ponytail

This style is ideal for men with long, voluminous locks that are dark toned. It also goes well with a full unkempt beard. To create this style you should pull back the strands into a massive ponytail.

You should create the pony using your natural strands, and so it is not necessary to use a hair band. And to finish your look you only need to finger comb the strands on the pony to give them a natural appearance.


# 28 Massive and High Dreadlocked Bun

This headdress is another perfect example of an elegant design that you can create with your natural dreads. And it involves pulling you long dreadlocks to the top of the head and then tying them into a massive bun using a couple of the locks.

The longer your locks are, the fuller it will appear, and so this means that it is a perfect hairstyle for men with long dreads. You should also accessorize with a beautiful headband.


# 29 Shaggy Twisted Low Bun

The messy look of this hairdo is what makes it distinct and it will be perfect for a man who wants to wear a rebellious look. And if you have full facial hairs then you can be sure of a fabulous look.

It is also very easy to create as you only need to twist a few strands and then push them back loosely into a low bun. You should also leave a few twists hanging from your ears as this helps to enhance the rebellious look.


# 30 Curly Medium Size Topknot

This hairdo is ideal for men with long swirly locks as it makes styling easy for them. The style involves pulling the strands to the top of your head and then tucking them into a neat curly topknot.

It is important to ensure that you maintain the curly look on the knot as this is what makes the hairdo stand out. You should also have a neat short beard so as to ensure that all the attention remains on your lovely hairstyle.


# 31 Elaborate Braid and Pony

Long strands give you many styling options, and so you only need to get a little creative to wear an elegant hairdo like this one.

It is a very easy design to replicate if you have long locks since you only have to create an elaborate braid that ends at the center of the head. You should then create a fancy pony like design where the twist ends.

And you can taper the rest of the hairs to ensure all the attention remains on the exquisite design on top or also pull then into the pony if you do not wish to cut your locks.


# 32 Hot Topknot with Dreads

Every person looking at this headdress will want to have a second glance because it is very adorable and it makes the wearer look very trendy.

The style is easy to create if you have long natural dreads. All you need to do is to pull your long locks to the top and then use a couple of them to tie the marvelous knot.


# 33 Chunky and Twisty Top Bun

The top bun on this style looks like it does not have any particular style. However, this is what gives it the natural feel and also makes it attractive.

To create this style you should pull all your strands to the center of the head and then twist them loosely to create a messy top bun. You should not try to make it neat as this will ruin the natural look.


# 34 Tight and Neat Bro Knot

This hair is way much longer than it looks because the Bro knot makes it look shorter than it is. The style comes from tying the strands at the center of the head tightly and neatly to create a small but very firm knot.

If you want to create this hairdo, you should use an elastic band so as to make your Bro knot as tight and neat as possible.


# 35 Dreads with Class

Dreadlocks will need a lot of patience to grow and maintain, but they are worth the effort as they will always make you look fabulous.

And if you spice yours by pulling them into a simple knot on the side like in this headdress you will have a very classy look.


# 36 Smooth Slick Back Bun

Leonardo Dicaprio has all the talent that any actor can ever wish for, and he also has some of the best hairstyles.

However, in this design, he takes his overall appearance a notch higher with a smooth slick back that he finishes with a small neat bun. His hair also has a lovely shine and a beautiful color, and this makes his style look even more charming.


# 37 Low Bun with Loose Bangs

The long bangs in this style have a pleasant dark tone that goes perfectly well with the wearers’ skin tone. They also have a very stylish design that involves pulling them loosely to the back and then twisting and tying them into a bun.

However, the other thing that makes the style distinct apart from the dark tone and bun is the few bangs that flow freely over the face. By leaving a few loose bangs, you will not only look natural, but they will also give you a very bold look.


# 38 Crown Knot with Tapered Sides

This headdress is perfect for both medium length and long locks, and it is also ideal for a dark toned hair. To create it you should pull the strands on the crown to the center of the head and tie them into a simple knot.

You should then enhance the overall appearance by creating soft part lines and then taper the strands below this line so that they can be on the same level as your facial hairs.


# 39 Brush Back Waves and a Bun

You do not have to keep a very long hair to wear a bun since you can still create a pleasant one like this provided you have a couple of inches of hair.

The strands in this design are also wavy, and this helps to enhance the overall appearance. And so to replicate this hairdo you should brush back your wavy strands but make sure that you maintain the waves.

You should then finish the style by pinning them into a small bun at the back.


# 40 Classic Samurai Look

A Samurai look like this one is very fashionable if you can pull it right. It also looks very natural, and so you will not have to make it neat to look elegant.

To create this retro style you should pull your strands into a simple topknot and use a ribbon or a band to hold it in place.

However, you should not make it very tight as this will make it look neat and instead you should leave a few bangs flowing in one side over the face.


# 41 Natural Curly Chignon

Curly locks are very charming, and they will look good even without any styling. However, it is still important to give them a fancy design so as to keep up with the times.

A simple design like this one will also work well for you, and you will also not spend a lot of time making it. To create this look, you should tie all your locks at the back into a beautiful chignon.

However, you should also leave a few short bangs at the front to flow over the forehead.


# 42 Punk Top Bun with Shaved Sides and Back

It is hard not to notice a style like this one because it is very punk. The topknot looks a little exaggerated, but this is what will help it make a statement.

This design is very easy to create if you have long tresses. To replicate it you should pull the strands on the crown together and then tie them into a topknot.

You should then shave the hair around it or do some tapering if you want a modern finish.


# 43 Elegant Knot with Face Framing Bangs

The locks in this design are only a couple of inches long, and their cut is also not very fancy, but they still create an elegant bun. However, there is way much more to the design than just pulling the strands into a bun.

The design also has some fancy bangs at the front that you should style with a center part and then sweep them into a cute face framing design.

These strands also have a lovely color and shine, and if you pair this with the massive beard, you will have a very masculine look.


# 44 Intricate and Fashionable Faux Hawk

Any man that wishes to give his long locks a complex look should try this amazing style. It involves chopping the strands on the sides and leaving the long hair in the middle.

You should then use this long hair to create some intricate braids. You should also have a neat and tight braided bun in the midst of these twists to finish your elaborate faux hawk headdress.


# 45 Flawless Bun for a Gentleman

A gentleman requires a hairdo that will make him stand out from the crowd, and so this style is perfect for him.

Everything about it is flawless, and the strands are also impeccable, and they look very healthy. And so the only thing that you should do to finish your look is to pull the locks into a simple and a neat bun.


# 46 Multiple Sized Braid Rows

If you can make rows of braids that are as elegant as these and in different sizes, then you will have an exquisite look. You should also make them in a fancy design by layering them slightly.

However, the center of attraction in this style is the braided bun that gives the design a very appealing look. The biggest advantage of this hairstyle is that you can use extensions if you do not have a very long hair and most people will not notice this.


# 47 Curly Half Up Design

Half up designs can also work for men, and they will still give them a refined and classy look. In this headdress, the style comes from dividing the shoulder length curly locks into two sections.

You should then tie the one on the crown into a swirly ponytail and then leave the curls to flow freely at the back.


# 48 Majestic Bun

This headdress is another example of how a man can wear a stylish half up design, but it looks very sleek because the strands have a delightfully dark tone, and they are also very smooth.

The design consists of two sections with top one being the neatly twisted bun and below it is some soft straight locks flowing to the back.


# 49 Chunky Bun and a Ginger Beard

The bold look in this design is from combining a chunky bun and an adorable ginger beard.

This design comes from pulling some long straight bangs to the center of the head and then twisting them loosely before you clip or pin them. And to finish this look you should trim and shape your ginger beard to make it look neat.


# 50 Dreads with a Shaggy Dude Bun

This hairstyle looks very effortless, and it comes from twisting and wrapping some grown out dreadlocks at the center of the head.

The style does not follow a precise pattern, and so you should not make any attempt to make it neat because the rugged look is what makes it look lovely.

However, men with extended foreheads and would want to wear this style can leave a few bangs hanging over the forehead.

And this is because this will help to conceal this physical feature. And if you pair this design with some medium size facial hairs you will have a very stylish appearance.


# 51 Double Side Braids into a Knot

Here is another hairdo that shows that a little creativity will always give you a refined look. The design involves weaving two simple braids on the sides and then finishing them at the back of the head.

You should then pull all your hair and braids back to create a polished knot that will make you look very distinct.


# 52 Gorgeous Messy Bun

A style like this one will take you a couple of minutes if not less to create. The beauty of it is that you do not even need to be very skilled in hair styling because it is straightforward.

To create this design you should pull your strands to the center of the head and roll them into a messy bun. However, this design will look more charming if you have a lovely color like a melt of dark brown and blonde.


# 53 Chic Braids with a Knot

Braids are very fashionable, but these are a class above the rest due to their pattern and the way they finish in a knot.

The braids have a naturally dark tone that also makes them look charming. However, to create this style you will need a creative stylist so that he or she can get the pattern and the knot right.


# 54 Dreamy Man Bun

The Afro texture of these long curly locks is splendid, and it makes the headdress look marvelous. It is also very easy to create because you only need to pull the curly strands to the center of the head and tie them with a cute and dark hair band.


# 55 Top Knot with Shaved Sides

If you have a lovely natural hair, you can still get a stylish look even if you keep things simple like in this design.

All that you need to create this headdress is to wrap and pin your strands into a topknot on the crown. You should then finish the look by shaving the sides close to the skull.


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It is hard to go wrong with a man bun and so if you have long locks this is one of the best hairdos that you can wear. And in case you are not sure of how to style yours the 75 classy hairstyles above will give you all the inspiration you need.