50 Brilliant Braided Buns for Men – Double The Style

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Once you’ve grown your hair long and you need an easy going polished look, braids and buns can help to keep your hair looking stylish while still being practical. And if you want to combine them? Well, go ahead – braided buns for men are trending at the moment! Not sure about where to get started? Don’t worry! We’ll show you guys who are getting it right!

#1 Front Row Style

Front Row Style

Man braids are not only super stylish but they also keep your locks neat and tidy. Here, an undercut is teamed with two short rows of French braids and secured high on the head with a bun.

# 2 Tight Top

Tight Top

Why settle for one braid when you can have many? In this picture, four rows of tight braids have been created with the longer hair on top and tied in a simple fold over the bun.

# 3 Up and Over

Up and Over

For this unique hairstyle, the hair has been divided with a center parting and each side has been Dutch braided. The two braids meet at the back of the head where they are joined together.

# 4 Ball Of Box Braids

Ball Of Box Braids

Long box braids sit above an undercut in this picture and they have been collected at the back of the head and twisted into a neat, round man bun.

# 5 Dutch Braid

Dutch Braid

This style is called a Dutch braid and it can be easily identified because it looks as though the braid sits on top of the hair. Here, a single braid runs down the center of the head into a high bun. 

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