80 Examples of Stunning Bleached Hair for Men – How to Care at Home

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Looking for the best in bleached hair? Well, there are many different possibilities that can only be limited to your imagination. But I would like to give you the very best that will make you look elegant, stylish and unique. Well, brace yourself and let me introduce you to the top ideas worth incorporating into your bleaching technique.

# 1 White Medium Hair with Quiff

This hair is bleached white. The neutral white color provides a perfect match for a light skin tone. The hair is of medium height and has a quiff that adds to its style.

# 2 Frizzy Blonde

This is a long, frizzy curly hair that has a blonde tone. The hair is bleached to create small white streaks for that cool look.

# 3 Faded Blonde for Cap Style

This cap style has faded blonde top hair and mustache. The sides and the beards have a dark shade of brown that gives them a rusty look.

# 4 Blonde with Dark Roots and Beards

Brad Pitt bleaches his hair blonde while maintaining a dark shade of black roots. The mustache is given that same blonde look while the beards have a dark shade to create a distinction.

# 5 Short Blonde Hair and Dark Beards

Chris brown tries to bring both worlds into one look. He gives his short hair a blonde tone while leaving his beard to maintain its natural black color.

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