15 Simple Rules On How To Get Long Hair – Easy Solution

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# 2 Use an Aloe and Egg White Mask

Use an Aloe and Egg White Mask


Hair masks are one of the best ways to encourage hair growth. Although there are many available out there the best ones and also, the most useful ones are the ones that you make at home. It might look easier to buy one and just apply to your hair but by doing so, you will be losing out on many nutrients that are essential for hair growth. The packaged hair masks might smell and look better, but they usually have some preservatives, fragrance and also some colorants. Instead of going for these processed products you can make a simple but very effective mask at home with aloe and egg white. And apart from the many benefits that it will offer you, it is also pretty easy to make, and it only takes a couple of minutes. The aloe should be fresh, but if you cannot find it, then a bottled one that is 100% pure will also work. Blend the two together and you have a perfect mask that has been used for centuries to add moisture to the hair, give it a healthier appearance and most importantly to stimulate growth. 

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