65 Best Ideas for Samurai’s Hair – Become a Warrior

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Ever heard of the Samurai’s hair? Well, it’s not just a thing for the Japanese or the few chosen brave individuals. It is a style that you can adopt both for the purpose of elegance and great recognition. It comes in many different forms that I have decided to share with you below.

# 1 The Cool Samurai Bun

Who said bun style is only for those with short hair? Well, here is something that will definitely change that perception. It is actually two styles in one incorporating a side parted technique that makes it both unique and elegant. The locks are textured and the top part pulled back and tied with a ribbon. The sides feature a high fade that connects to the short beards to provide that cool look.

# 2 Undercut Sides for Short Pony

# 3 Bun for Low Fade

One look at it and you will definitely notice the huge difference in hair length. The top part is given more length and pulled back ending in a bun. The slick back technique almost creates the illusion of a pomp. At the sides is a low fade that extends to the front edges of the forehead. The beard is totally disconnected to create a more dramatic look.

# 4 Tie Back Style

# 5 Buzz Cut for Short Ponytail

The worlds of buzz cuts and ponytails can present a huge challenge when trying to blend them together. But here is a hairstyle created out of the odds to enable you to achieve that cool look. The pulled back top ends in a short ponytail secured with a rubber band. The sides are given the exclusive buzz cut that provides a gentleman look.

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