55 Newest Men’s Top Knot Hairstyles – Be Out of the Ordinary

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Top knots for men have been gaining popularity over the past few years. Lots of men enjoy having long hair and this style can help keep the hair neat. The hair can either be shaved along the back and sides, leaving just a small portion of longer hair on top or left long all around. The bun itself can be tightly formed or left loose for a more informal look. Let’s see what men are doing with this style:

# 1 Razor Patterns and Shiny Top Knot

Here the shiny brown hair has been neatly scraped into a topknot. The hair towards the back of the head has been shaved into creative designs. This is definitely a unique design that requires confidence!

# 2 Man Bun with Short Sides

The hair has been allowed to grow longer along the middle of the head while the sides have been clipped short.  It was then combed back and a top knot was created towards the back of the head.

# 3 Blonde Top Knot with Braid

The top knot featured here has been created by shaving the back and sides very short and allowing the remaining hair to grow out. The healthy looking sandy colored hair has then been pulled back into a bun, with a braid added along the side.

# 4 Long Brown Hair in Glossy Bun

This man’s long, glossy, chestnut colored hair has been combed back and twisted into a neatly wrapped bun behind his head. There is a uniform undercut starting at the temples which continues down to the back of the head and around.

# 5 Eye-catching Gray Knot

Here the hair has been colored a light gray-blonde color. There is a medium length undercut along the sides and the hair looks soft and well-conditioned. The longer hair has been pulled into a low, loose knot at the back.

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