70 Remarkable Jared Leto Haircuts – Become a Trendsetter

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Jared Leto haircut has been a trendy style for millions of men the world over. The celebrity has done all it takes to bring out the coolest looks in front of the screen. He has experimented with many different haircuts that have become a favorite among men. Do you wish to join in the flow? Well, spare some few minutes of your time and let us explore the many different haircuts that bring out the best in Jared Leto.

# 1 Parted Glossy Hair

Jared Leto decides to add some shine to his hair. He incorporates a glossy finish to his highly texturized hair and parts it at the middle top to make a statement. This blends well with his short trimmed beard.

# 2 Grey Hair

Here, Jared Leto decides to play the old man style. He dyes his hair grey and incorporates a slick back top. This haircut has undercut sides to create a distinction. Jared Leto maintains his young looks in a grey hair by shaving his beards clean and smooth.

# 3 Texturized Wild Hair

This hairstyle creates that untamed look in Jared Leto. However, the textured hair does much in giving him that cool look. The hair has a dark red burgundy tone with blonde highlights that blend well with his clean shaved beard.

# 4 Slick Back Haircut

Jared Leto provides an element of simplicity in his haircut. He slicks back his textured hair to give his face a more streamlined look. The slick back hairstyle does well in exposing the edges of the forehead and the ears. He combines it with a short beard to match.

# 5 Bun Style and Dark Layered Hair

Jared Leto makes up his mind to go for a darker shade. He styles his long hair in a layered design and ends it with a bun right at the back of the neck. A short trimmed beard comes in handy to complete his looks.

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