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70 Remarkable Jared Leto Haircuts – Become a Trendsetter

Jared Leto haircut has been a trendy style for millions of men the world over. The celebrity has done all it takes to bring out the coolest looks in front of the screen.

He has experimented with many different haircuts that have become a favorite among men. Do you wish to join in the flow?

Well, spare some few minutes of your time and let us explore the many different haircuts that bring out the best in Jared Leto.

# 1 Parted Glossy Hair

Jared Leto decides to add some shine to his hair. He incorporates a glossy finish to his highly texturized hair and parts it at the middle top to make a statement. This blends well with his short trimmed beard.


# 2 Grey Hair

Here, Jared Leto decides to play the old man style. He dyes his hair grey and incorporates a slick back top.

This haircut has undercut sides to create a distinction. Jared Leto maintains his young looks in a grey hair by shaving his beards clean and smooth.


# 3 Texturized Wild Hair

This hairstyle creates that untamed look in Jared Leto. However, the textured hair does much in giving him that cool look.

The hair has a dark red burgundy tone with blonde highlights that blend well with his clean shaved beard.


# 4 Slick Back Haircut

Jared Leto provides an element of simplicity in his haircut. He slicks back his textured hair to give his face a more streamlined look.

The slick back hairstyle does well in exposing the edges of the forehead and the ears. He combines it with a short beard to match.


# 5 Bun Style and Dark Layered Hair

Jared Leto makes up his mind to go for a darker shade. He styles his long hair in a layered design and ends it with a bun right at the back of the neck. A short trimmed beard comes in handy to complete his looks.


# 6 Long, Parted Blonde Hair

Jared Leto adds plenty of length to a blonde hair. The hair is parted at the middle top and let to gracefully rest on the shoulders. A black beard and mustache add a dark shade that contrasts well with the lighter blonde hair.


# 7 Slicked Back Pink Hair

Here, Jared Leto experiments with pink color for his hair. He dyes his textured hair pink and slick it back to fully reveal the outline of his face.

The hair connects with the beard line that is trimmed short and let to maintain its natural color.


# 8 Dark Burgundy-inspired Mohawk

The trendy Mohawk style finds itself in Jared Leto’s long list of haircuts. This is a burgundy-inspired Mohawk that features a dark red hue. This haircut creates the illusion of an elongated face and goes well with short beards.


# 9 Short Ponytail with Thick Beards

Jared Leto gives a casual look to his texturized hair by incorporating a short ponytail to match.

He leaves his beards to grow thick in order to connect well with his long hair. The hair is slicked back to fully expose his face.


# 10 Silky Smooth Cropped Hair

Jared Leto adds style to his long, slick hair by cropping it. It pays close resemblance to a side flipped bang that hangs just below the right eyebrow.

The hair on the left side is layered and scarcely exposes the ear. The hair is cut to rest on the back.


# 11 Dark Brown Bob Cut with Blonde Peek-a-boo Highlights

This haircut creates a contrasting look in a bob haircut. It is a mix of dark brown shade added underneath with blonde peek-a-boo highlights that come to life at the back. Jared Leto doesn’t give his beards a chance – he gives it a smooth, clean shave.


# 12 Bun Style with Thick Beards

Jared Leto gives both worlds plenty of length and volume. He completes his delicate burgundy hair with a bun. The beard is left to grow to its satisfaction to create a perfect uniformity and smooth transition from the hair.


# 13 Parted Layered Hair

Jared Leto incorporates a part style to his long, layered hair. The hair is textured and styled to create a wavy look.

It rests on the shoulders and conceals the ears perfectly. He cuts his beards to medium height to create a perfect blend.


# 14 Messy Textured Top in Pageboy Style

Jared Leto does his hair the pageboy style but decides to mess with the top to bring a wild look in an otherwise tamed hairstyle. He shaves his beards short to create a little formality in the hairstyle.


# 15 Textured Long Wavy Hair

Jared Leto goes a step further to pull his hair back to fully expose the forehead. The hair is textured with the top having that spiky look.

The beard is cut short and the whole look is completed with a pair of sunglasses to provide a cool look.


# 16 Pink for Mohawk Style

This is a whole new era in the world of the Mohawk hairstyle. Jared Leto decides to go pink while still maintaining a shade of blonde beneath. He trims his beards short and coarse.


# 17 Parted Balayaged Style

Jared Leto creates a balayaged look in his dark brown hair. The hair is balayaged from mid-shaft to create blonde highlights.

It creates the illusion of a dark hair that fades seamlessly to a lighter tone. The hair is parted to add more style.


# 18 Dark Auburn for Medium Hair

Here, Jared Leto shows the richness and depth of a dark auburn hair. It is side parted and swept backward to eliminate obstruction. Jared Leto grows a blonde beard to compliment his haircut.


# 19 Slicked Back Blonde

The hair is slicked back and has undercut sides that create an impressive distinction of volume and length.

The beard is shaved down to the skin to create a youthful look. Jared Leto completes this haircut with a pair of sunglasses that gives him a much bolder look.


# 20 Dark Brown to Blonde Ombre

Jared Leto displays the ombre style in his long wavy hair. The hair color transitions from dark brown to blonde highlights that end in textured waves.

The hair is parted at the top and layered for added elegance. A medium trimmed beard and mustache complete the whole look.


# 21 Tiger Style Mohawk

Jared Leto gets to achieve the wonderful tiger stripes in a Mohawk style. This is a great haircut that gives contrasting looks in beautiful color patterns.

Jared Leto shaves his beards short to keep it from compromising this unique and elegant Mohawk haircut.


# 22 Dark Brown to Orange Ombre

Here, the celeb cuts his hair to let it hang just above the shoulders. He makes use of the ombre style to give two combination of colors in this haircut.

The hair transitions from dark brown to orange color. He lets a single strand of hair hang in front of his face to give him a hideous look.


# 23 Short Slick Back Hair

The singer brings out his face in full display by pulling his short hair to a slick back style. He dyes the hair dark brown and textures it to provide a smooth and shiny look.

The beard is trimmed short to a coarse texture and left to maintain its blonde-like appeal.


# 24 Bun Style for Long Balayaged Hair

Jared Leto gives his best shot for the bun hairstyle. He gives his hair plenty of length and uses the balayage technique to create a smooth transition in color.

The hair starts with a dark shade and given a lighter tone from mid shaft towards the ends. The singer leaves his beards unshaven to blend well with the long hair.


# 25 Going Green for Slick Back Style

The singer decides its time to blend in with nature. He achieves that by dyeing his hair green.

The color contrasts greatly with his light skin tone making it quite easy to spot from far off. Jared Leto cuts his beards short to keep it from interfering with the unique hair color.


# 26 Dark Brown to Dark Red Ombre with Eye Shade

Jared Leto makes his ombre hairstyle match with his eyes. He textures his hair to make it loose and allow some few strands to stray away to the front of his face.

The hair color seamlessly fades from dark brown to dark red. The singer adds an eye shade to complete his looks.


# 27 Shag Style Haircut

The singer creates that pop-style look in himself by opting for a shag haircut. The haircut gives him a hideous look without being too much concealing.

Jared Leto gives his hair that rich burgundy tone that adds much to his haircut. He lets his beards remain short and coarse.


# 28 Layered Locks

With this haircut, you might actually mistaken the singer for a lady. The dark brown layered locks give him more of a feminine look and sheds off some few years from his face.

The absence of any beards creates a youthful face that radiates with life and energy.


# 29 Bang Style with Undercut Sides

Jared Leto tries to go the casual way by choosing a bang style for a haircut. But unlike the standard bang style we are used to, the singer brings out something totally different. He decides to isolate his bang style by incorporating undercut sides.


# 30 Dark to Blonde Ombre

Were it not for the beard, this hairstyle would have given the singer a totally feminine appeal. Jared Leto cuts his hair just above the shoulders.

He parts it and gives it a layered look. The hair transitions from dark to blonde highlights towards the ends.


# 31 Slicked Back with Beards

Jared Leto textures his hair to achieve great consistency and add some shine to it. He styles it into a slick back technique.

He gives his beards the same color and texture to create uniformity. The beard is trimmed to medium height and left to connect with the hair.


# 32 Non-layered Blonde Locks

The singer brings out the blonde in him. He gives a blonde look to his non-layered locks that hang above the shoulders.

The locks are side swept to allow his face to come to light. The roots of the hair are given a dark shade to provide a noticeable transition in color.


# 33 Short Coarse Hair

This haircut gives the singer a cool, relaxed look. The hair is cut short and given a coarse texture. The hair is dyed brown to create a deep hue. The singer shaves his beards short to compliment the haircut.


# 34 High Fade for Medium Blonde Pompadour

Jared Leto goes the pomp style in a medium blonde hair. He combines it with a high fade haircut.

The beards are given that same blonde look and trimmed short. The singer completes his looks with a pair of dark sunglasses.


# 35 Hint of Blonde Highlights for Dark Base

The singer adds some hue to a medium parted hairstyle. He goes for a dark base and adds shine to the hair by completing it with a hint of blonde highlights. The beards are not left to chance giving him a boyish look.


# 36 Dark Burgundy

The dark burgundy tone gives this haircut a monochromatic look. There is no noticeable transition in color. However, with a closer look you will get to pick out some red highlights.

The hair is long, parted and non-layered. The singer grows some beards as a reminder that this is actually a dude you are looking at.


# 37 Hard-part Style for Medium Textured Hair

Here, the singer looks quite formal in a medium textured hair. The hair is hard-parted to create that gentleman look in him.

This haircut transforms the singer’s face into that of some serious and focused business tycoon . Jared Leto lets his beards connect with the haircut.


# 38 Side Braided Parted Long Hair

Ever watched the movie entitled “Alexander”? If yes, then you might have picked out this haircut.

Here, Jared Leto grows long hair that incorporates braided sides. The hair features a part style at the top. The braids hold the hair back to reveal the face to its fullest.


# 39 Dark to Blonde Ombre for Long Hair with Beards

This haircut features long, wavy hair. The color of the hair transitions from dark shade that fades to blonde highlights. The singer leaves his beards and mustache thick to match the long hair.


# 40 Blonde Highlights for Dark Base

Jared Leto experiments with dark and light shades. He opts for a dark base and adds some finishing touches of blonde highlights to it. The singer cuts his beards short to draw more attention to his haircut.


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Made up your mind on the Jared Leto haircut that might match your taste of fashion and style?

Well, these are great inspirational ideas for anyone looking to emulate one of Jared Leto’s haircuts. These haircuts will give you the attention you desire and make you feel like a celeb in your own way.