25+ Upscale Mullet Haircut Styles – Express Yourself

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The mullet haircut has been described as many things, and it is one of the hairdos that have attracted a lot of debate over the years. Whereas some people find it a low-class cut most men love it and also look fantastic in this classic hairstyle. Regardless of whether you like the mullet or not it is still quite popular with some men and this has led to the emergence of the several types of the cut. The coming of new variations that are based on other more stylish and trendier haircuts is helping to get rid of the notion that thus is a low-class cut. More men have also realized that it can be a very upscale design if cut and styled well. Although there are many other types of the modern mullet, the following 26 are the most famous ones.

# 1 Hipster Mullet

This is one of the best-looking hairdos that you will ever come across, and it proves beyond any doubt that the hipster look can be achieved with almost any haircut. The style is created with very long strands that are faded on the sides and trimmed to a couple of inches at the top. The long locks left at the back are used to create the long mullet.

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