15 Detailed Steps On How to Create Dreads – Get a Rastafarian Style

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Men are always looking for ideas on how to do dreads as this has become one of their most favorite hairdos. Nobody knows for sure when dreadlocks came into being but just like many other looks they have evolved over the years and have now become one of the most widespread hairstyles for both men and women. Initially, people used to let their hair just grow out without combing or just leave it unkempt and in due time, the strands would form locks. However, nowadays men want to keep them neat and more modern, but this will only be possible if you know how to do them. There are many ways to get them, and men will follow different steps and still have the same results. As different as they may be the steps primarily involve the following important things.

# 1 Growout Your Hair

The first step in getting locks no matter how thin or thick you want them to be is to grow out your hair. You cannot make dreads with very short hair as they will not only be hard to make but it takes much more effort and time and you will probably also not like the results. To get nice dreads you have to have at least three inches of hair on your head. When growing out the hair try to leave it as natural as possible and avoid using any chemicals or heat tools on the hair as this will make it weak and harder to lock. Another important thing to remember during the growing out phase is that even if you only want to have the locks in one section of the head, for example, the crown, it will be better to grow out your entire head and shave the sides later. Growing out may look complicated but it is the easiest step of them all because all you need is some patience and keeping the hair always clean and healthy.

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