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Apart from being one of the most famous soccer stars Cristiano Ronaldo is also a trendsetter. He is arguably one of the best if not the best soccer player of all time, but this is not the only thing that makes people love and follow him. He is known for having amazing haircuts and hairstyles. Ever since signing with Manchester United in 2003 Ronaldo has never looked back both on and off the field with hairstyles. And as he continues to grow older the Cristiano Ronaldo haircut is still and will be a topic of discussion as he always seems to come up with something new. However, the following are 50 of his all time best haircuts.

# 1 Spiky Faux with Razor Side Part

The faux hawk is a very common style, but Ronaldo adds a whole new twist to it and makes it appear like an entirely new look. In this cut, the faux hawk inspired style is left at the crown of the head while the sides and back are trimmed close. However, what makes the design more interesting is the deep razor side part.

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