25 Breezy Styles For Spiky Hair – Show Your Trend

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Some men like to keep spiky hair, and most of them look incredible because this style is suitable for most face shapes and hair types. The popularity of the spikes has led to the coming up of different ways to wear them. Some men have them as part of other hairstyles while for others as a distinct haircut. Regardless of how you have it, the design looks good, especially when done creatively or out of the norm and some quality products used to give hair some hold and shine. When it comes to this hairdo, the options are unlimited, and you can always find something that will make you stand out or that will go with your preferences. Since spikes are very common, most barbers and hair stylist can create them almost effortlessly. And if you are thinking of trying them out here are 25 cuts that will offer you some ideas on what to wear.

# 1 Tapered Quiff

This haircut demonstrates a nicely tapered quiff to create the sharp spikes. Hairs on the top are longer than the sides and back, but tapering makes sure that even the shorter ones still maintain the spikiness. Apart from tapering the quiff should also be given some hold with a quality product and upswept slightly to make it more visible. Since the side and back are short nothing more is needed besides from the tapering.

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