55 Fabulous Men’s Messy Hairstyles – Your Uniqueness

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# 6 Hay Like

Strands in this style look like hay, but this is perhaps one of the things that make it an attractive haircut. It is the hay like appearance that makes them messy, and the good thing is that some men’s natural hair looks like this when left uncombed. And so if you have such strands all you need to do is to fade or close shave sides and leave the hay like bangs at the crown.

# 7 Messy Bun

Men who like to keep medium or long locks are best suited for this, and it is also one of the easiest hairstyles that they can wear. For this, one should not comb their locks but should instead just pull it together in a man bun at the center of the head to create the messy bun look.

# 8 Lazy but Handsome

This hairdo looks like the wearer had no time to work on their hair or they were just feeling too lazy to do it but either way, it is still very attractive. In this hairstyle, a naturally wavy and curly mane is maintained at a few inches long throughout the head and apart from the application of some products there is no sign of any styling at all.

# 9 Messy Fringe

The beauty of chaotic hairstyles is keeping things as natural as possible no matter what style you like wearing. In this particular look, hair is styled into a fringe. However, it is still important to apply some hair product on your mane.

# 10 Long Chaotic Curls

Curls probably make some of the most elegant hairstyles and in most cases you have to do little to wear the perfect look like in this particular hairdo. Here the curly hair is very long and has a natural chaotic appearance, and this is what makes it amazing.

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