55 Gorgeous Men’s “Back to School” Hairstyles – Ways to Look Young

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Looking for the best “back to school” hairstyles? Well, look no further since I have everything you need in one place. Like any other hairstyles, school haircuts come in many different styles to choose from. But all of us desire a haircut that is trendy and fashionable. It is for this reason that I have decided to disclose to you the 25 coolest ideas for “back to school” haircuts.

# 1 Fade Cut with Textured Top

This style looks absolutely cool. The top and crown are textured and given a slight comb lift at the front. The sides and back sport a high fade cut that creates a smooth and fresh finish.

# 2 Elevated Pomp with Fade Cut

Here, you get lots of weight on top with the elegance of a pomp that functions well to build the shape. The faded sides and back have dark spots around the natural dents and dips to create a more organic look.

# 3 Drop

This is a nice shape up hairstyle that features lots of texture and volume on top. The top hair is cut and given a spiky look. The back and sides are tapered and given a sharp fade that disconnects the beard.

# 4 Afro Bits

Here, you get the best in the worlds of afro and fade cuts. The textured afro adorns the top and is styled into curls to provide more visual volume. The faded sides take the fresh looks of this style to a whole new level.

# 5 Cropped

Massive thick hair can be quite a hassle to manage. However, you can give it a box square shaped cut that is faded from the skin high up. A cropped fringe is added to create a more detailed look.

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