50 Upscale Mullet Haircut Styles – Express Yourself

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# 16 Long Curls

Long Curls



Men with curly hair are very lucky as they look charming even without doing any fancy haircuts or styling. In this haircut, all that is needed is to let the curls grow as long as possible. After applying the curly hair product of your choice, you should then push your locks back to finish the look. The longer your curly locks are, the more attractive the style will look.

# 17 The Rat Tail


This hairstyle is characterized by the thin rat tail like lock hanging down from the back of your head. It is an excellent mullet if you get it right and is also pretty simple to wear. This style involves shaving the top shorter while leaving the back long but not uniform. Some of the locks at the back should be left longer than the others to create the rat tail.

# 18 Business Mullet


Some men prefer to wear formal looks, and so they are limited to a few decent haircuts. But with the mullet haircut, there is always something for everyone. The business variation is a cut for the conservative men or for those who like to keep things formal. It involves a medium length that has a simple part to divide it into two sections with one being a slick back and the other side swept.

# 19 Loki Inspired


Most men haircuts and hairstyles draw inspiration from movies stars and other TV personalities, and this is an example of such a style. The hairdo involves long bangs that are combed to the back to create the mullet, and it draws inspiration from Loki Thor’s half-brother in “The Avengers” and “Thor”.

# 20 Redneck Mullet


This style is the creation of an all natural hair without any cuts or styling, and so it will only work for men with a thick and long redneck hair. Here all that you need is to push back the long locks, but you can enhance the appearance of the design by center parting the hairs at the front.

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