50+ Exquisite Goatee Designs – Improve Your Looks

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# 6 Black Textured

Black Textured


You would not notice that the beard is soft unless you actually touched it. It seems rough as it makes a close groove around the chin. As it makes a joining with the sideburns, you can see what a master piece this one is. You are looking exactly how celebrities would want to be but this time you did not have such a hassle to acquire it.

# 7 Extremely Short

You may be the type that never has adequate time in their hands to tend to a long beard. If that is your concern you have a perfect answer in extreme short. It is trimmed to acute shortness that makes the chin astounding and a lady would love the touch of it.

# 8 Stubble

Another one from the short beaucatcher styles, stubble is the eye-turner you have never had for this long. It is refreshing and you do not have to dedicate much time to keep it in place. It is great in its simplicity and that is what the original idea was all about.

# 9 Barely Visible

You cannot see the beard without a close look, right? You would not without stressing your eyesight and that is the genius creativity with this close shave. The short stubble exposes the chin flesh but you are mistaken if you think that there is no hair there. It is simple and you would not have any problem for your formal look.

# 10 Sly Guy Appearance

It may not be your nature to be sly but facial hair would tell much of your story than you would do with your actions. This is a notorious look with a sparse appeal. For the guys who do not have much hair around their chin this would make up for all of that. 

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