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55 Cool ASAP Rocky Braids and How to Get Them

In the hip-hop world, appearance is just as important as the music. That is why many artists have an eccentric yet amazing sense of fashion; particularly when it comes to hairstyle.

This article focuses on Asap Rocky braids and how you can enhance the style to look even better on you.

# 1 Classic Six Braids

asap rocky braids

This is one of Asap Rocky’s signature looks. He sports four box braids in a perfect square with two lower down, by his ears.


# 2 Neat Curving Braids

iconic asap rocky braids

Here his hair is longer, with a few additional braids. The start on the right side of the head and spread long and wide in curves, neatly positioned and ever-stylish alongside being a protective hairstyle for his hair type.


# 3 Loose Brads & Ponytail

asap rocky braids

Asap’s hair is looser here. He has two low and two high braids on each side, not counting the front braids. Most of his braids are in a loose ponytail to keep them out of his face during performance.


# 4 Braids & Bandana

Here he has a mixture of thick and thin – thick in back and thin up front. The braids are pushed out of his face by a stylish bandana, great for a casual and sporty look.


# 5 Tight Braids & Ponytail

This is a tighter, freshly-styled version of the style we saw Asap sporting on stage. With 12 thick braids and one thin at the back, they’re slick and pulled into a ponytail. Two more braids fall down the sides of his head to frame his face.


# 6 Braids with Backside-front Cap

This is one of the most popular Asap Rocky styles. It is easy to rock it if your braids run from the front of your head to the back so that the cap fits without looking awkward.


# 7 Braids with Accessories

Braids are great. However, they are even better when complemented with gilded threads of appealing color.

The trick here is to choose a color that suits your skin tone or attire. As you can see, Asap Rocky likes them close to the end of the braids.


# 8 Freely Hanging Braids

Try this style if you want to keep your braids fresh and your head well ventilated. It is a pretty easy look to pull.


# 9 Two Hanging Braids

This is yet another Asap Rocky style that involves adding a cap as an accessory. Rather than hiding all your braids behind the cap, you can leave two of them to hang outside – one on either side of the head.


# 10 Simple Full Head Braid

Your braids don’t have to be complicated for you to look stunning. Simple but well-maintained ones can give you the look that you need. Notice how Asap Rocky’s scalp is clearly visible.


# 11 Braided Man Bun

A man bun is never a bad idea if your hairstyle involves braids. You can weave the braids at the back to form a man bun or you can form it by holding the braids with a ribbon. Leaving a few to hang freely is not a bad idea.


# 12 Classic Asap Rocky Braids

Classic Asap Rocky braids

This is Asap Rocky’s signature style. You can also braid your hair and let one-half of the braids fall to the right and the other half to the left.


# 13 Large Bun Braids

Notice how every single braid has been used to form the man bun. It is a very good idea if you don’t want some of them to fall into your face and ears.


# 14 Intricate Male Braids

Do you fancy detailed hairstyles? Try this intricate look. Rocky has half of his braids falling on one side and the other half held at the back.

You can choose any other style that impresses you (like forming a Mohawk).


# 15 Partially Hanging Braids

This is a simple style that involves dividing your braids into two. Leave the first group to hang freely and then form a bun with the other group.


# 16 Braided Mini Bun

Rather than having a large bun, you can make it fairly small by weaving just a few braids to form a mini-bun.


# 17 Low Bun

This is actually one of the most common hairstyles for men with braids. Rather than having the bun at the top, put it at the back of the head and just above the neck. It adds amazing visual interest to your braids.


# 18 Frontal Hanging Braids

Want to have some free hanging braids and still keep your bun? Try this stunning blend of the two. Let the braids at the front fall freely and then tie the ones at the back to form a mini-bun.


# 19 Amazing Intricate Patterns

Ordinary can be boring and that is why braids can be styled into amazing intricate patterns. Let two or a few extend all the way to the neck and then add a trendy style to the ones at the top.


# 20 Braided Ponytail

As the braids are long ponytail is not a problem. Only some front ones that are shorter are sticking out.


# 21 The French Man Braid

This is an awesome variation of the classic braids and man bun. Yes, it involves creating a bun from your braids but only two or very few braids are used to create it. The rest are left to hang freely.


# 22 Classic Cornrows

Definitely one of the most recognizable and loved braided looks of our time. It features cornrows that run from one side of the head to the other (and not from the front to the back).

It was synonymous with rappers like Jim Jones and Xzibit but Asap Rocky has made it even more popular. For an ideal look, try varying the sizes of the braids and find one that suits your head perfectly.


# 23 Braids with Hat Accessory

We have already mentioned how you can accessorize your braids with a cap. Of course, Asap Rocky does it great but you can do it even better by having a different type of hat (like one without a visor).


# 24 Braided Bun with Ribbon

Instead of weaving your braids at the back (to form a bun), you can just hold them together using a ribbon.

The advantage of this style is that you won’t have to intertwine your braids together and that makes it easy to make or remove the bun.


# 25 Braids with Invisible Scalp

More often than not, Asap Rocky’s hairdo will reveal his scalp. That is not to say that he doesn’t rock braids that don’t.

You can also style your braids to hide the scalp by collecting them together and tying all of them at the back.


# 26 Marley Twists

Choose this style if you want your braids to look like dreadlocks. It is ideal if your hair is long and thick.


# 27 Straight Line Braids

One advantage of rocking straight line braids is that you can experiment with designs.

Asap Rocky wears his from side to side but you can alter yours to run from the front to the back. The bandana is an added accessory that adds personality.


# 28 Braid Flicks

You can flick one or few of your braids in the same way that other people flick their frontal hair. This style brings attention to your face and facial features more than your hairdo.


# 29 Braids with Pattern

Do not focus so much on the braids and forget that you can use the pattern that forms on the scalp to enhance your outlook.

In the image, Asap Rocky’s scalp shows cubes (or rectangles). For you, any pattern of your choice should work well.


# 30 Creative Cornrows

You can shape the cornrows in your head to form a creative and unexpected style.

The one in the photo is basic and only features cornrows that run from the center tramline to the base of the head (on either side). Yours can have any pattern – including zigzag cornrows.


Idea # 31


Idea # 32


Idea # 33


Idea # 34


Idea # 35


Idea # 36


Idea # 37


Idea # 38


Idea # 39


Idea # 40


Idea # 41


Idea # 42


Idea # 43


Idea # 44


Idea # 45


Idea # 46


Idea # 47


Idea # 48


Idea # 49


Idea # 50


Idea # 51


Idea # 52


Idea # 53


Idea # 54


Idea # 55


So there you have it – 55 different ways of rocking Asap Rocky braids. Remember that you can alter the style by varying the size of each braid or by adding accessories like gilded threads.