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5 Easy Steps To Achieve The Perfect Beard Neckline

There’s no point in lovingly tending to your beard, but ignoring the hairiness that lies beneath your jaw line. If you don’t tend to this hair, then you are going to have a messy beard that looks untidy and not well maintained at all.

Trimming the hair that grows into the neck is important as it provides definition to any sexy bearded look.

But trimming the beard neckline can be difficult and there are plenty of scary pictures on the internet showing just how silly it can look when done incorrectly.

That’s why we decided to bring you this guide on how to achieve the perfect beard neckline, so you can be swoon-ready in no time.

Ready to do it? Just follow these tips:



# 1 Be Prepared

If you are serious about having a beard then you should invest in the right products and equipment to maintain it.

Before you embark on a maintenance routine first ensure you have a good quality pair of clippers (and that they are cleaned and oiled) as well as pre-shave oil, hydrating shaving cream, after-shave balm , and a wide tooth beard comb.

For trimming the neckline you need a mirror that you can stand in front of and if possible a small handheld mirror as well as that you can check the sides.



# 2 Know Where To Cut

When is the neck hair ready to be trimmed? As soon as it is past stubble length; this is about 3mm. If your hair has passed this stage, then it is definitely time to tidy up!

Now comes the trickiest part (so don’t rush), you need to find the line. This is the line that separates the head from the neck and where you want your beard to end.

To do this imagine that there is an invisible line that runs from underneath your earlobe down under your chin and back up to the other earlobe. If you want a neat beard line, then you are going to trim everything below that line.

You can also use your Adam’s apple to measure; usually, the line would be one to two fingers above it. This can differ from person to person so try both to see what suits your face better.

Avoid making the separation line too rounded; a slight up curve is what you should be shooting for.


# 3 Now Shave


There is much debate about what is better –shaving with the grain or against the grain. The truth is this: yes, you will get a closer and smoother shave if you go against the grain, but you will also do more damage which means irritation and in-grown hairs.

So the best way to shave, if you want to avoid angry skin, is to go with the grain. Remember to apply your pre-shave oil and moisturizing shaving gel (to help the hair stand up straight) before you begin and if possible have a warm shower before you begin your shaving routine.

This works to soften the hair and get it ready for cutting. Stand in front of the mirror and observe the lines of your face, focusing on the imaginary ear to ear line we explained earlier. Tilt your head back if you need to visualize it more carefully.

Now always working from the middle outward (so starting just above the Adam’s apple) begin to define the line with your razor. Once you reach the side go back to the middle and work your way to the other side.

Once this line has been defined you need to clear everything below it. Use your handheld mirror to check your symmetry. See, looking better already!

But what about the area where the lower beard joins the face (in the angle of the jaw)?

Well, you have two choices here; you can choose to make the line more masculine by shaving it into an angular line or you can round these lines off for a more classic beard look.

You may also want a graded look where the hair gradually reduces in length. This is quite easy to achieve. Instead of shaving a defined line in the area above the Adam’s apple take another minute to mentally divide this area of the neck into two rows.

On the uppermost row, you are going to shave the hair with the clippers on their regular setting and on the bottom you are going to use the next lowest setting. This will give you a neat gradient instead of a severe ending.


# 4 Don’t Forget Aftercare

Beard Neckline 3

Once you are happy with your beard line you can move on to trim the rest of your facial hair if needed and then apply a soothing aftershave balm to help your skin recover and replenish the moisture that is lost during shaving.

If you are going to style your beard, remember to use products specially formulated for facial hair.


# 5 Maintain

Beard Neckline 5

Shaving the neck is hard to get right, but your skills will improve every time you try so don’t worry if it’s not perfect the first time – it soon will be.

Initially, you should just be trying to get the line right and avoid the classic mistake of trimming too high and cutting in at the jaw line. Remember that you can always take more hair off, but you can’t put it back so work slowly.

Without maintaining the neckline of a beard it can very quickly start to look messy and unkempt. The neckline outlines the bottom portion of the beard and gives it shape so it’s important to know how to correctly maintain it.

Follow this guide and first, visualize the line before you begin. Make sure you have the correct tools and work slowly at first focusing on creating a slight up curve.

Once you have finished be sure to use products to keep the hair and skin looking good as razor irritation will ruin all your hard work.

If you don’t get it the first time wait until it grows out again and try again; practice makes perfect. All beards look better with a neat neckline unless you are trying to rock the grizzly man look so it’s worth the effort!