55 Lovely Short Beard Styles – Chose the New Style

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Short beard styles are not just smart, but they can also give a man a very elegant look if he knows how to design them. The beauty of short facial strands is also in the fact that they do not require a lot of maintenance, and a man will also not have to grow out the whiskers for a long time.

Whether you prefer full facial hairs or something simple like a soul patch or goatee, there are still many styling options available and the 55 designs below should give you some valuable ideas on what you can create.

# 1 Full and Voluminous

This style is for men who have thick facial hairs and to create the look they only have to grow it out and give it a moderate trim for some uniformity. It also helps if you have dark toned whiskers but this should not be a problem because you can always have a dye job.

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