75 Ideas for Low and High Skin Fade – Redefine Elegance and Masculinity

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# 6 Smooth and Sexy Short Waves

Smooth and Sexy Short Waves


These waves are easier to create than they look and any experienced barber will have no trouble making them. The look on the short side is also not very hard as you only need an excellent razor fade to create disconnection with the sideburns.

# 7 Trendy Undercut

Undercuts are very fashionable, but this one is a class higher than the rest. And this is not only due to the long and feathered brushed back locks but also due to the fantastic clipper fade on the sides.

# 8 Cute Blonde Line Up

Blonde is a beautiful color, but it is not the only thing that makes this hairdo stand out. The cut is also fantastic, and it involves leaving some upswept and textured strands on the crown and then giving the sides a stylish tapering and line up.

# 9 Peaky Golden Blinders

This haircut is more than just fading the sides because you also have to get the wedge look on the crown right. For this to be possible, you should leave a few inches of hair and then give them a golden shade and finishing by making them wavy and sweeping them to the side over the faded area.

# 10 Stylish Waves and Fade

Although the stylish waves on the crown are what will catch your attention, this hairdo would not be complete without the amazing bald fade on the sides.

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