10+ Cool Sergio Ramos Haircuts – Inspirational Ideas

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Sergio Ramos is a Spanish football player who plays for Real Madrid Football Club. Despite being a soccer player, his name always appears in fashion columns due to his thick, luscious hair. He does his haircut in an exceptional way which attracts interest from many men globally. Sergio Ramos haircut styles are diverse since he has done both long and short hairstyles. He is never ashamed to sport with different hairstyles on his head. This makes him a king in hairstyles, and people are always eagerly waiting to see the next surprise he pulls. If you are a fun of great hairstyles, then you are at the right place. Let’s have a look at some of the best Sergio Ramos Haircuts.

# 1 The Side Square

This style is very similar to Mohawk Style. This is done by cutting off the side hair and leaving a large volume of the hair on the head. The strands at the back of the head and that near the top are not completely buzzed. The side square is key to this design because it gives someone a room to style the hair at the top in different ways. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and you can brush the locks on top of the head backwards or just simply apply some gels so that you can achieve spikes on top of the hair. It is one of the latest style he did. This style first became popular when it was done by his club mate Christiano Ronaldo. However this did not hinder Sergio to adopt the look. As long as you are interested in this style, you can try it out and it may turn out to be one of your favorite.

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