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95 Unbeatable Asian Hairstyles For Men – Top Haircuts in 2024

Are you tired of sporting that old hairstyle? Choose from a range of Asian hairstyles and give yourself a new look. With the new haircuts, you not only look better, but you also increase your ego.

The range of styles available is dotted by leading stars in film and games among other fields. Modern, stunning, and handsome are a few of the descriptions that can be used for the styles from Asia.

An ideal look can be defined as one that is easy to maintain and cost-effective. Below is a list of trending hairstyles for the year 2024.

# 1 Long and Messy

hairstyle for asian men

A man bob features short hair that stops at the ears. For hair that is mostly straight or only slightly wavy, add a side part and use fingers to comb through locks to get this bedhead style.


# 2 Straight and Spiky

asian men's haircut

Thin hair doesn’t look so thin on this Asian hairstyle suited for fine hair. Brush hair up into a spiky shape and rock a fade on one or both sides for edge.


# 3 Side Bangs

asian hairstyle for older men

Looking for an Asian hairstyle perfect for older men? No need to sacrifice length when you sport a side parted hairstyle with side bangs that flatter all face shapes.


# 4 Center Part

long hairstyle for Asian guys

Asian men with long straight hair can liven up their locks with a dash of light brown or blonde on ends. After that, a simple center part is all that’s needed for styling.


# 5 Choppy Bangs

asian male hairstyle

Trying to hide a wide forehead or shape a round face? Add a choppy bang that draws attention to eyes. Leaving the rest of the hair all one length ensures no other styling is needed.


# 6 Smooth with Gradual Fade

asian hairstyle for men

Avoid going completely short or bare on sides with a gradual fade. It’s a flattering Asian hairstyle for your cheekbones and face shape, and the smooth side combed top is very dapper for work or dates.


# 7 Cropped

buzz cut for asian guys

Another low maintenance Asian hairstyle is this cropped look. It’s the same short length all over, meaning you won’t spend much time in front of the mirror in the morning.


# 8 Thick Waves

medium hairstyle for Asian guys

Tame long thick hair with tousled waves separated by a side part. This Asian hairstyle only comes to above the neck so it’s manageable, yet also a look that will make you the envy of all men who desire thick locks.


# 9 Extra Long Bangs

While short bangs are a common feature of Asian hairstyles, extra long bangs can be just as flattering and are an easy update to the traditional hairdo. Simply grow out your fringe to several inches, embracing whatever your natural texture is.


# 10 Layered Short Hair

To make your Asian hairstyle easily manageable, opt for short layers on straight hair. Straighten it so it all easily faces the same direction and wear with a fade.


# 11 Colored Top Hairstyle

asian hairstyles

Despite being a multi-ethnic community, Asian men tend to have thick hair. Maintaining this hair in a low-cost and effective manner can be achieved through a haircut on the sides and the top medium long.

Dyeing the top hair adds elegance to the style and a way to customize to individual taste. A pair of glasses worn with this haircut gives an outstanding appearance.


# 12 Spiked Hair

Asian men are known for varying hairstyles trending the globe. The spiked style involves reducing the size on the sides and using gel creates varying designs on top as desired; the hair is brushed towards the right or left of the head.

Different angles and set may be applied to the hair to ensure individual tastes are achieved.


# 13 Side Sweep

There is no need for high expenses in hair maintenance. This low-cost look features shaved sides, and the top section brushed to one side.

Using hipster glasses spices up the style leaving one standing out in the crowd. This is a common style with sports personalities and other main figures in the entertainment industry.


# 14 Pompadour

A funky style that gives a youthful look, the pompadour is a perfect design for college guys or simply for a party. Shaved sides and back mark the style where the top hair is left long and curled.

Enhancing the style with a pair of hipster glasses gives a mature appearance, as the haircut in some instances looks childish.


# 15 Classic Short

asian hairstyles

Among the Asian communities, the Koreans are known to have the thickest hair. When the cut is a simple, classic style, a display of the thick hair texture is exhibited.

This is an ideal style that can be used for a casual outlook while it remains ideal for business and official outlook. When left wild, the style gives an off-laid persona appearance.


# 16 Front Curtained

asian hairstyles

Girls go crazy for men spotting sexy hair designs in a commendable style. With front curtained being a great inspiration for most hairstyles, this is one that surely catches the eyes of the girls.

The look features a loose styled layered hair let lying loose on the sides of the head. The haircut works well with hair from different communities of the Asian people.


# 17 Shaggy Mane

asian hairstyles

Though giving a bad boy’s appearance, this is an easy way to maintain style for Asian men. Hair is curled using a gel that is essential to hold it in place. Spotting well-trimmed facial hair works as an enhancement to the style.


# 18 Long Side-Swept and Fade

asian hairstyles

African American barbers are known for the best fade designs. The style looks good when used on Asian hair.

Along the faded area, a design can be applied for a more enhanced look. Long side-swept and fade design provide the best option for customizable styles where the design applied to the fade is created by individual tastes.


# 19 Platinum Effect

The platinum hairstyle is the new trending design for modern Asian men. This is a popular look among the young generation and also works perfectly for old guys with the right personality.

Featured in the design are shaded sides with top hair fading to the sides. This is then brushed to the sides. A clear cut at the edge of the hair makes the style more appealing.


# 20 Picked Fridge

asian hairstyles

Featuring a long quaff at the top of the head, this comes as a design of the modern generation. The top part of the quaff maybe dyed ad curled slightly at the top.

The long top hair is brushed towards the front giving the hair a more outrageous design. Featuring defined angles on the sideburns and back of the head, the style offers a more progressive cut compared to traditional designs. It is a cool design that depicts a college outlook.


# 21 Long Fridge

asian hairstyles

After having a Picked fridge for a time, changing to a long style is easy. With the same design, this features longer top hair that may be left to fall over the forehead.

Applying gel to the hair makes it hold together. This requires considerable amounts to ensure it does not become sticky or messy.


# 22 Slicked Back Men’s Style

Being among the traditional styles that have persisted through ages, this style is ideal for Asian men who wish to don traditional styles.

It is easy to customize the slicked back, and it looks better with a faded cut. The haircut works in a great way for those with soft straight hair providing with a no-nonsense look.


# 23 Dyed Spikes

This is a great display of personality. It offers an opportunity to add bright color streaks either through chalking or in the form of permanent dyes.

The style features faded sides with top strands brushed forward. For a great appearance, the added color needs to pop against the face. This is a great treatment for thick Asian hair.


# 24 Combed Over

A style that screams of grungy hipness, it gives a rock star life likeness. It involves growing the hair long and applying only the basic maintenance requirements.

It is among the low-cost styles available within the Asian market. The long hair featured in this cut is brushed to the back leaving a smooth, shiny design.


# 25 Flat Top

asian hairstyles

Flattering faces are common among the Asian men. Using this style gives an opportunity to expose the most of the face – a thing enjoyed only by the Asians.

It features long top hair combed to the back where the sides may be faded or cut to short hair for a brighter appearance.


# 26 Faded Design

Giving an opportunity to embrace warm weather days, a faded design also offers an option to customize the hair design.

A fade haircut applied to the sides and back of the head creates room to create expressions to depict individual taste.


# 27 Tiny Ponytail

An edgy and fun design, it is an ideal design that defines a metro guy while giving a casual appearance. It gives an opportunity to change the pace while still maintaining medium length hair.

The cut features medium hair held together at the back using a band leaving the hair in its best natural form.


# 28 Emo Style

asian hairstyles

Romantic Asian men are easily identified donning the emo hairstyle. A style loved by men and women, the hairstyle boast of a supreme reign giving men an opportunity to be noticed and gain attraction.

It features hair brushed to the back or parted to the side. Wearing a light mousse keeps the hair in place without making it sticky or stiff.


# 29 Bowl Style

asian hairstyles

If you are a photo enthusiast, this is a great style to don. It features hair cut and brushed to form a bowl-like appearance on the head.

It is an ideal design that keeps the head fully covered hence protection from sun rays and other extreme weather conditions.

To ensure the cut holds in place, a strong product is required to mess the layers until the desired results are achieved. It works better with thick and straight hair.


# 30 Pointy Ends

asian hairstyles

Asians for generations have been using the style that gives a natural appearance. Through the use of gel and other lightening products, the hair is set loose and without any trimmings. It is an ideal haircut that is embraced by men of all ages.


# 31 Messy Hairstyle

A look that provides middle-aged meant to achieve a younger look, it features a sharp-gelled hair.

To set the haircut gel and other products to make hair lighter are used and in such way making it easy to run the fingers through the hair without messing it.


# 32 Textured Style

This cool style features medium length hair brushed to the back. It gives the thick Asian men’s hair a pronounced appearance that is both sexy and appealing. Spotting facial short hair is a great enhancement to the style.


# 33 Short Style

Asian hair is thick and curled for most men. Changing this design to a short style is unique undertaking that ensures the hair stands out.

It features hair being cut to a short length and combed leaving the strands standing. Short strands are easy to maintain and requires little attention through the day.


# 34 Anime Style

A style that features medium hair brushed to all sides, it gives a rock star appearance.

Despite looking messy, the style offers an appearance of a passionate performer and selflessness. When worn with overall and combat boots, the style gives an appearance of a movie star.


# 35 Rugged Formal Asian Hairstyle

Featuring a classic style, rugged formal is among the recent ones displayed in forums within Asia. The style features long hair that grazes the shoulders.

A styling product is used to keep the hair brushed to the back and off the face. A neatly trimmed goatee is a great enhancement for the style.


# 36 Curly Asian

Featuring wild curled spikes held by strong gel, the haircut is among the new trending styles for the youth in Asia.

It is easy, fun, and quick to wear making it one among the fast and affordable styles for the youngsters owing to the natural curls of the Asian men’s hair.

Paired with bright clothes and a leather jacket give a youthful feeling making one to feel like a high school kid once again.


# 37 Shaved Sideburns

A style is depicting both drama and romance; this involves shaving the sideburns leaving the top hair long and brushed to one side.

It not only gives a cool appearance but a sexy appearance as well. Grooming the eyebrows gives the style a better appearance.


# 38 Mushroom Men’s Hairstyle

A fitting style for the old, it involves having the hair layered and brushing to the sides and the back, the hair leaves a mushroom like appearance covering the whole scalp while offering protection against sun rays alongside a great appearance. It gives a real high school lad impression.


# 39 Short Textured Asian Men Hairstyle

asian hairstyles

This is among the new and trending hairstyles worn by actors. The safe and stylish look features slim trimmed sides leaving short side hair and long top hair.

Spikes are then set out as per individual’s desire. Setting the cut requires the hair to be damp for better results.


# 40 Blond Asian Men’s Hairstyle

A simple to set and achieve this haircut for Asian men, it involves the simple application of styling agents.

The process involves working styling gel and blond dye to change the natural black color of the Asian hair. It results in a simple and casual look that fits well when worn with tuxedo and suits.


# 41 Short Pomp

A celebrity hairstyle, short pomp features long top hair curled to one side. The sides are trimmed in a fading design making the style more pronounced.

Wearing large dark glasses gives the style a big star appearance alongside a business casual appearance.


# 42 Locks Hairstyle

asian hairstyles

Among the trending and hot styles of the modern Asian men are the locks. A style trending globally, it requires the application of gel to the hair making strong strands with the ability to hold to the position.

Dyeing the hair blond gives a better appearance and ideal for college guys and sports enthusiasts.


# 43 Long Quiff

asian hairstyles

A style ideal for both men and women, the long quiff, is a classical style. It features long form hair gelled and styled to lie along the chin. The rest of the hair may be combed upright leaving a superb finish.


# 44 Undercut Hairstyle With Shaved Lines

A style fit for those wishing to spot that official look, the undercut features fading side cuts with trimmed edges. The top hair part is left long and curled to one side.

A parting line is formed where the long hair is curled to the opposite of the curl. Spotting this style gives an appearance of a song and serious man hence fit for official outfits.


# 45 Classic Fade

The look features short hair onto which gel is applied to give a look of the 80s hairstyle.

The style features trimming the hair with the top part having long hair and the rest trimmed in a fading design to the edges at the bottom of the hairline. Enhancing the style with some light facial hair gives the style an enhanced outlook.


# 46 Undercut Style

An easy to maintain the style, the undercut is an ideal design for those working in extreme conditions and with little time to care for the hair. The style features medium hair at the top and faded sides to the back and sides.

Towards the edges of the hairline, the hair is completely cut in a fading design making it impossible to identify the hairline.

The style portrays a clean and meticulous man making it an ideal choice for office workers and businessmen.


# 47 Samurai


A modern style borrowed from the ancient times, the Samurai features a small bun of tied hair at the top of the head. The rest of the hair is then held to the back in a similar bun using a hair clip.

This is a common style with sportsmen and depicts a strong and masculine man. Its look of strength makes it adorable by women and men alike.


# 48 The Tiny Bun

An Asian man donning a tiny bun hair looks likable. The style features a classic hair cut on the back and sides of the head. The top hair is held in a bun. A line cut is made around the top hair defining the two areas as distinct.

With the tiny bun style, a look of confidence and determination are given as the defining factors of the man wearing the style.


# 49 Twisted Fringe

asian hairstyles

Featuring long top hair and clean shaved sides, twisted fringe is a design spotted by college guys and sports icons.

The hair at the top is twisted in an upward curl where the gel is required to ensure the hair holds the form. Spotting shot facial hair is a big compliment to the style and ideal for both office and casual wear.


# 50 Geeky and Grand

In what may have been termed as a bad haircut, it turned to be one of the trending Asian men hairstyles.

This was after Grant Imahara known for celebrating all nerdy things turned up wearing the style during a prize giving ceremony where the audience took it as a new trend to treat the hair.

The style features a tousled placement alongside the use of quality products to ensure great results are attained.


# 51 Long Layered Hair

The majority of Asian male have thick hair. When left to grow long, it has potential to be transformed into different styles and designs that make it possible to customize it to the desired fashion.

To maintain the long hair, a gel is applied to ensure that it holds together, the hair is brushed backward making it one of the most natural styles available.


# 52 Punky Hairstyles

A specialty of the Japanese, this is a design that allows for expression of art and creativity. The styles feature amazing innovative and inspirational hairstyles for men.

Among the most common is the display of rainbow color highlight making it a unique and outstanding style from other cultures globally.


# 53 Mohawk

One among the most rending hairstyles for Asian men, the Mohawk features shaved sides and long hair running from the forehead to the nape.

There are two main Mohawk styles that include the full Mohawk and the Mohawk. To ensure the style remains intact and lasts for long, it is ideal to apply gel to hold the hair together.

The style is further enhanced through the application of colors and dyes. It is a common style among celebrities including sportsmen and musicians.


# 54 Choppy Layers

Considered to be one of the futuristic trends, choppy layers is a style for only those who are wiling to be different.

It offers an opportunity to try out varying new designs. It involves different approaches giving opportunity to choose one that befits a person.


# 55 Shag Cuts

Over decades, Asian men have been tied to their deep traditional beliefs and practices. This includes shaving styles in some communities. With changing times, a range of innovative designs has been crafted including the shag cuts.


# 56 Spiked Haircut

asian hairstyles

Asians are known to spot most of their hair designs in an almost similar manner.

Displayed in a formal Japanese look, spiked haircut involves laying of hair spikes straight to the face and trimming the spikes to a certain set length.This forms in a cap like a format offering protection from sun rays.


# 57 Natural Waves

asian hairstyles

Some unique Asian male hairstyles are considered to be sexy and more appealing to women. Among such styles are the natural waves.

Styles that enhance natural curls and make them firmer, the curls are more pronounced making them more noticeable and attractive a factor considered to be creating attraction in men.


# 58 Layered Spikes Cut

This is a style that has grown in popularity over the years. Fitting to typical Asian hair, the style is unrestricted to all ages. It is identified by hair cut into long layered spikes.

This is a common style among stars and fans willing to copy their favorite heroes.


# 59 Side Part and Sweep

asian hairstyles


Considered to be among exclusive styles, side-part and sweep style has been used across Asia for centuries. With most of the Asians having thick hair, this is an ideal style that is fit for such hair.

The hair is brushed towards the back with a parting space created between the top part of the head and the sides.

Application of gel and wax is important to hold together the hair and in such way ensure the style can withstand varying amount of pressure.


# 60 Bald Fade

With a bald head, hair styling options are greatly reduced. However, not everyone is keen to expose his or her bald head. For this reason, a bald fade maybe embraced to shield from such exposure.

The process involves trimming the hair to a short size with the edges nearing the bald area being shorter. This helps reduce the bald area from being more pronounced.


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With every new generation, there are many changes that occur affecting everyday trends. Among the things affected are the hairstyles that keep changing with time and events.

Asian hairstyles for men are not left behind, and they change from time to time. To get the best style, it is important to research on different styles available and the requirement to maintain the style for the desired period.