50 Adorable Baby Boy Haircuts – For Your Lovely Toddler

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# 6 Front Spiky Hairdo

This is yet another of the Mohawk styles but a mild one that will give your boy a confident and sweet look. Reduce the side hair to almost an inch from the scalp and comb it to lie low. The top center is left to grow upwards. If he does not have a curling hair, you can use styling gels to achieve the spike effect.

# 7 Curly Style

It is never an easy task making a choice for your boy who has curly hair. The curly style is the most natural style for him, so do not try haircuts that may spoil his look. Let his curls grow outwards and downwards. You can let it be soft or add some gel to make it look rough. Whichever of the two you choose; he will be a look to admire.

# 8 Spikeless Mohawk

A real Mohawk may not be suitable for a young one, but if he insists that he wants that style, there is one for him. A spikeless mohawk is just close to the real thing, but it is not spiked at the top. The side hair is shaven to an inch length, and the top is left to grow but trimmed or grooved to give it a blunt edge. It achieves its effect, and your kid will love this even more.

# 9 Rockers Top

You can have his side hair flattened or shaven to an inch length. The top is left to grow spikes or groomed forwards. It gives your kid that look of a star, and it makes him outstanding. You can have it for medium and long hair as long as the top will not fall sideways.

# 10 Vintage Style

Here is a style for the kids who want their hair short but yet fashionable. You can let their hair grow and then trim it to a short size. Give it a part on one of the side and let each of the parts grow downwards. It is a simple look yet so fashionable that your boy will like it. It does not require any additions so you can leave the locks to grow naturally along the parted lines.

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