50 Adorable Baby Boy Haircuts – For Your Lovely Toddler

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# 11 Punk Boy

Yes, your small boy needs a punk look, and you can let him have it. The punk hairstyle is something that will give a young one a fashionable look. The sides are shaven clean while the top is left with not-so-broader two parts: the lower one facing forward while the second slightly pointing backwards. You can add some gel to keep the two layers in their desired positions.

# 12 Single-Styled Undercut

This is a top style for your toddler. One side of the head is shaven clean (where the top hair will fall) while the other can be given a single stripe or a pattern you may find appealing. The top hair is set to fall to the side that has been cleared. This leaves an undercut on one side while the other shows off the draw pattern.

# 13 Rock Racing Stripes

Your young kid can have good stripes for his haircut. First shave the side hair to an inch or so. Trim the top to a medium size and let it rest naturally or add some touch by letting it grow towards the front. On the sides, make at most three stripes separated by a clean-shave thin line. Let the stripes end somewhere after the ear but not at the end of the back hairline.

# 14 The Classic Style

The classic hairstyle does not only look great on men, but it also does on toddler boys. You just let his strands grow and then trim it uniformly to leave him looking easy but fashionable. If you want to add some funky look on it you can trim the sides to be shorter than the top. But even when left the same size it gives the kid a greater look already.

# 15 Straight and Short

If baby does not have a curled hair, he probably does not need one. The short and straight style is something that will be a natural choice for him. Let his hair grow naturally but give it a trim. Do not let it fall on the forehead or an inch below the back hairline. This is a simple style that is easy to maintain. He can even handle it when you are not there to prepare him.

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