60 Best Ideas for High Top Fade – Build Up the Volume

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Browsing the best ideas for the high top fade haircut? Well, you don’t have to dig deeper anymore. I have taken the trouble of doing the research to save you time and help you achieve the looks of your dream. This hairstyle comes in many different forms to select from. Below I have outlined the very top ones that have become a trendy style for most men across the world. Read more and take some time to make the best selection that will match your hair and sense of style.

# 1 Medium Textured Hair

Here’s a chance to add some texture to the black African hair. The top is textured using the sleek water pomade. The sides and the back are given an undercut that transforms sharply to a skin fade just around the occipital bone.

# 2 Styled with High Fade

This style displays a perfect outline that gives it more edge. The top is styled using the sleek water pomade while the back and sides are given a high fade that disconnects the hair from the beard.

# 3 High-Low Work of Art

The top hair is divided into two sections with one part cut shorter than the other to create a high-low style. The sides and back feature an artistic surgical line that makes this haircut stand out.

# 4 Elongated Top with Artistic Back

Plenty of height is given to the top forming a perfect box haircut. The style has high fade sides with an artistic surgical line that adorns the back.

# 5 Mohawk Style with Hanging Dreadlocks

This is a nice way of getting the Mohawk taste in African hair. Some dreadlocks hang out from the Mohawk making this style even more dramatic.

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