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65 Best Ideas for High Top Fade – Build Up the Volume

Browsing the best ideas for the high top fade haircut? Well, you don’t have to dig deeper anymore. I have taken the trouble of doing the research to save you time and help you achieve the looks of your dream.

This hairstyle comes in many different forms to select from. Below I have outlined the very top ones that have become a trendy style for most men across the world.

Read more and take some time to make the best selection that will match your hair and sense of style.

# 1 Multi-Color Madness

high top fade haircut for men

There are many elements to this style. The fade goes straight from bristles to skin, and the top is lush, long, soft but with a thick swooping spike at the front. The hair is dyed shades of green and blue with hints of purple – this is a style for guys who need to stand out.


# 2 Textured Spikes

high top hair with fade

In this style, the spikes are long, sparse and sharp over most of the head. In the front they take on a looser and flutter experience – perhaps styled with wax where the rest of the head is with gel.


# 3 Tall Spirals

low faded high top haircut

The high fade on this style brings out the excellent texture on top, of tall spiraling curls styled with a curl sponge. The clearly defined shape and the gradual fade make this look neat.


# 4 Fluffy Spikes

high top fade haircut

This fade is sharp, from thick to skin, emphasizing the less sharp hair on top. The lush locks are styled into gentle back-facing curving spikes for a rockstar-punk hybrid look.


# 5 Mohawk Style

tapered high top haircut

The fade here is rapid and three-tired, from thick to a stubbly stripe to skin. The hair on top is tall and slick, a mohawk that doesn’t extend down to the neck.


# 6 Medium Textured Hair

Here’s a chance to add some texture to the black African hair. The top is textured using the sleek water pomade. The sides and the back are given an undercut that transforms sharply to a skin fade just around the occipital bone.


# 7 Styled with High Fade

This style displays a perfect outline that gives it more edge. The top is styled using the sleek water pomade while the back and sides are given a high fade that disconnects the hair from the beard.


# 8 High-Low Work of Art

The top hair is divided into two sections with one part cut shorter than the other to create a high-low style. The sides and back feature an artistic surgical line that makes this haircut stand out.


# 9 Elongated Top with Artistic Back

Plenty of height is given to the top forming a perfect box haircut. The style has high fade sides with an artistic surgical line that adorns the back.


# 10 Mohawk Style with Hanging Dreadlocks

This is a nice way of getting the Mohawk taste in African hair. Some dreadlocks hang out from the Mohawk making this style even more dramatic.


# 11 Tapered Edges and Front

This is an intricate haircut that gives you a cool look. It has a thick curly top the blends well with the tapered cut at the front and edges of the forehead.


# 12 The Arabic Style

A high-top fade haircut is not only meant for African hair. It can also give a magical transformation to the dark Arabian locks the provide the elegance of natural curls.


# 13 Curly Top with Surgical Line

This is a trendy haircut that has even been featured in the movie “Star Wars”. The curled top is surrounded by a high fade that has a stylish L-shaped surgical line.


# 14 A Taste of World of Curls

Here, you get lots of thickness on the top. The hair is textured and curled to blend well with the high fade sides and back.


# 15 Fresh Classic Cut

This is a classic Afro-cut combed and shaped to perfection. The region around the temple is tapered to add some sophistication to this haircut.


# 16 Grind to Shine

Here, the hair is let to retain its natural look. This creates a messy coarse top that extends to the crown. The sides have a high fade while the nape is given an undercut.


# 17 Thick Top with Surgical Part

This is where you let your clippers do the talking. The surgical line parts the top hair from the high fade below to give it a classy look.


# 18 High Fade for Frizzy Top

Here, you get plenty of volume on top with an added touch of frizzy hair. The upper edge of the forehead has a nice buzz-cut outline. The sides and back feature a high fade the connects well to the beard.


# 19 Perfect Side Fade

This style creates the illusion of a Mohawk. The locks at the top and crown are left longer. The sides have a fade cut while the nape is tapered to provide a trendy look.


# 20 Voluptuous Flat Top

Neat and clean is the best description for this haircut. It has plenty of length on top with perfectly trimmed edges that create an asymmetrical look. The sides have a distinctive high fade cut.


# 21 Curly and Cool

Here is where the world of high fade cut and buzz cut come together to provide the best of looks. They adorn this curly hair with an utmost elegance that is sure to draw much attention your way.


# 22 Simple and Elegant Sharp Fade

You don’t have to hassle a lot to achieve that great look. Here is a simple yet elegant solution that provides the sexy look of a sharp fade on the sides.


# 23 Sharp Fade for Sleek Top

This textured hair is styled to create the illusion of a sleek pomp. A sharp fade on the sides and back comes in handy to make your looks even hotter.


# 24 Bossy with Color Enhancement

Here, you get to achieve a bossy gentleman look. The region around the temple is tapered while that around the occipital bone is given a sharp fade cut. It connects well to the beard which is styled with some highlights of grey.


# 25 Quiff Pomp

This is definitely a Mohawk style in a pomp. Lots of texture is involved here to give the hair a soft spiky look. A high fade with nice artistic presentations completes the whole look.


# 26 Natural with Half Razor Part

This is an iconic style created from natural hair. The top and the back are left longer and trimmed to provide perfect edges. The sides are given a high fade cut with a razor part that extends from the front to the occipital bone.


# 27 Added Touch of Blonde

Here, you get to incorporate blonde tone into the dark shade of black hair. The rustic blonde tone highlights the top to create a contrasting look and add life to this style.


# 28 Artistic with Dreadlocks

The neat and clean surgical lines are styled to create a nice artistic presentation. The top is covered in a forest of dreadlocks for a more casual look.


# 29 Blow Out Straight Pomp

The sleek straight pomp sits nicely on top and is textured to add some shine. A sharp fade at the back and sides disconnects the hair from the well-trimmed beard.


# 30 The Perfect Trim For Curly Locks

Stylish looks are not obtained in just one go. You can actually transform your curly locks one cut at a time. There is a well-defined connection to the beard with surgical lines to match.


# 31 High Blond Top

This is a great semi-mohawk hairstyle with a high highlighted top. The sides are with a high fade and the back includes V-shape razor design.


# 32 Soft and Curly with Art on Back

This is a great way to give your locks a soft touch without sacrificing elegance. Curly locks adorn the top and are given a boost in style with a work of art on the back.


# 33 Flat Top with Back Drop Fade

The beauty of this hair is taken a notch higher by combing and trimming it to perfection. The sharp fade on the sides and a taper on the nape seal up the whole look in style.


# 34 Coarse with Side and Back Taper

Here, you get to achieve the best in a tapered haircut. The coarse top locks give the hair a more natural look. A sharper lining creates well-defined edges that provide a trendy look.


# 35 Voluptuous and Highlighted

A dark shade of the hair can be very monotonous. Here is how you can add some life to it by combining with highlights of blonde. The upper locks flip outward creating the illusion of a hat.


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These top ideas for high top fade are the best for those that desire to take their looks a notch higher. They are fashionable and elegant enough to earn you lots of compliments from those around. Consult your stylist and see what style suits you best.