45 Ultimate Long Beard Styles – Be Rough With It

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To grow a beard takes patience, but if you persevere and look after your beard you could soon have an enviable look. Long beards are manly and handsome and also right on trend; provided they are well maintained. So if you’re ready for a beard check out some of the many funky styles that you may enjoy!

# 1 Beard Goal: Achieved

Beard Goal Achieved


In this picture, we see a well-established beard and moustache that has been allowed to grow out. Off the chin, the ginger blonde hair has been split in half and each half has been braided.

# 2 Bold Shaped Beard

Bold Shaped Beard


This beard begins high up on the sideburns and has been grown long. The moustache has been trimmed shorter and the beard itself has been shaped with a squared off cut. This is a manicured, neat style for a long beard.

# 3 Hipster Beard

Hipster Beard


In this hipster look beard, the facial hair once again begins in the sideburns and has been grown out. The moustache is quite long as well and has been combed out into the beard. The thick hair has been snipped into a round shape.

# 4 Sculpted Ginger Beard

Sculpted Ginger Beard


In this picture, his ginger brown facial hair covers the lower portion of the face and he has a moustache that has been snipped straight. The hair is longest over the chin and is rounded off neatly.

# 5 Hoorah For The Handlebars

Hoorah For The Handlebars


Slowly sneaking back up the men’s beard fashion chart is the trusty handlebar moustache. Once reserved for villains and evil business this long twisted moustache is going mainstream again. It’s a bold look to wear and looks great with a manicured beard like this one.

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