50 Eye-catching Longest Beards – Throw Away The Razor

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It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to grow a beard, but to grow a long one? That takes extra effort! But if you want to join the ranks of gloriously bearded men that it’s worth the time, but what if you become frustrated doing so? Men with the longest beards will tell you that it’s bound to happen. When it does, just refer back to these pictures to remind you just how amazing it’s going to look in the end!

# 1 Flowing Facial Hair

His beard has reached chest length where he has trimmed it to have a neat, straight edge. He has grown out his moustache in the handlebar fashion; allowing it to be brushed into the beard.

# 2 Man Braid

Big beard getting in the way? A braid is an answer. Here the facial hair has been collected into a plait and secured at the tip. He’s wearing his beard shorter on the sides with a clipped moustache.


# 3 Classic Style

Large beards are all about texture – the softer it is the more handsome it is. These bushy bristles look well conditioned and have an attractive curl.

# 4 Stamp of Manhood

In this example, the facial hair has been allowed to grow thickly and then trimmed into a pleasing rounded off shape with slightly more volume over the chin. The moustache just covers the top lip and has been brushed into the rest of the beard.

# 5 Ruler Straight Sculpting

Check out that line – wow! Sculpting the facial hair is important because it is this trimming that keeps it from looking scruffy. Here we see a great example of what a well-shaped beard should look like. 

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