50 Eye-catching Longest Beards – Throw Away The Razor

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# 6 Twisted Handlebar

There are plenty of products that you can use to help sculpt your beard into shape. In this picture, he has fashioned his moustache to have pointed up ends while the rest of the long beard is carefully trimmed.

# 7 What a Man

Try teaming big beards with a slicked back hairstyle like this for a more distinguished look. He’s wearing his beard grown out all around together with a brushed out moustache.

# 8 Combed Curtain

Here the beard has been grown out and shaped to cover the lower portion of the face, but the moustache has been trimmed to just hug the lip. The shaved head helps accentuate his facial hair.

# 9 Soft and Shiny

This long beard looks incredibly soft and almost fly away in texture. The moustache has been clipped to frame the lips while the sides and front have been snipped into a rounded off shape.

# 10 Throw Away The Razor

Can a young man wear an epic beard? Judging from this picture the answer is yes! He’s grown his beard and moustache exceptionally long and the bushy texture gives it a full and dashing feel. 

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