50 Examples of Smart Patchy Beards – Make It Neat

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# 6 Extra Drama with a Rustic Beard

Johnny Depp’s dark brown beard is fuller under the chin, with two longer tufts almost forming a small goatee. His moustache is neatly trimmed and kept just above the lip, with a small dark patch of hair just below his bottom lip.

# 7 Uniquely Styled Dark Beard

This is quite a bold and singular style of facial hair. The beard extends from the sideburns down but is kept just above the jaw line. The entire area under the lip and the chin are bare, with no moustache.

# 8 Soft and Patchy Beard

Adam Brody’s sorrel coloured beard looks well-conditioned and soft. The hair is being kept quite short and the edges of the beard extend into his sideburns. The moustache is well above the lip line and overall the facial hair seems sculpted. The overall look is relaxed and just a little rebellious.

# 9 Deep Brown Beard Makes Brody Smolder

Adam Brody’s deep brown facial hair looks thicker but is still soft and well cared for. The beard is fuller on and below the chin line. His moustache is neatly trimmed, clipped short and kept separated from the beard.

# 10 Short and Sparse Beard

James Franco is known for his rebellious nature and scruffy looks, but this neat and uniform beard makes him appear more mainstream. His moustache just extends to the beard and the area under the lip is mostly clean shaven, with more hair and volume under the jaw line. 

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