20+ Reasons to Be Bald With Beard – Find Your Cool Look

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Facial hairs go pretty well with a bald head, so it would be an excellent idea to go bald with beard way. Beards have always been a huge trend but over the last few years, they seem to have become even trendier and more men nowadays prefer to keep rather than shave them. Depending on how your facial hairs grow and their length the options are unlimited with facial hair and so you can wear any style that you wish and still look fantastic. The following are examples that should give you reasons why you should pair your beard with a smooth haircut.

# 1 Broad Stubble

Broad Stubble

This broad subtle is one of the easiest styles you can achieve with your facial hairs. To get this look, you should let the strands grow for a couple of days without shaving. Once you can feel and see short facial hairs, you only need to shape them to finish the design. They look perfect with a bald head since they are short, and so the absence of hair at the top makes them more visible.

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