45 Exquisite Shaved Head Styles – Bold And Brave

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# 11 Villain Bald Look

This villain look is very manly, and if you can replicate it, then you can be sure of a head-turning appearance. It involves shaving everything on your head and keeping a long and full facial hair because it is what will give you the villain look.

# 12 Shaved Head with an Extended Chin Curtain

Facial strands are amazing, and they are also a true definition of masculinity. If you have perfect ones like this massive chin curtain, then a good idea would be to have a clean shave on your head to ensure that all the attention remains on your adorable facial hairs.

# 13 Black and Bald

An oblong face like this one may be hard to work with because only a few haircuts will make it look outstanding. However, you can go with a smooth shave like in this design and pair it with an extended full facial hair to create a refined gentleman look.

# 14 Growing Out

This look is what you get a couple of days after shaving your head and face clean. Although you can also buzz the hairs to this level, the best idea is just to shave everything and let it grow out to get this look. It is an attractive look that makes the heart shape face look stunning.

# 15 Sexy and Bearded

This design pairs a bald head with some chunky full facial hairs to create a very sexy look. A design like this one is perfect for thinning or receding hair as it will help you get rid of it while still maintaining a stylish appearance.

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