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Do women like beards? – Some Facts and Opinions

Do women like beards? Well, there is no question that beards have really rocked in the modern day era. Almost every man sports one, from the poor beggar on the street to that bossy figure in the office.

The great popularity of beards has seen the introduction of many different beard styles meant to match the tastes and preferences of millions of men across the world.



But what exactly is the take of women on this previous domain of the older generation? Well, women are sometimes quite difficult to understand.

They have that mysterious personality that makes them see things contrary to our expectations (well, I’m talking from a man’s perspective). Therefore, the question as to whether or not women like beards is something that is up for debate.

Scientific studies have been conducted to paint a clear picture regarding the subject. One was conducted in the 1970s while the other was conducted four years ago. Despite the huge time difference that the studies were conducted, both of them came to a similar conclusion:

Women find more attraction to men with stubble or light beards. Men with full-grown beards were found least attractive owing to their aggressive yet mature look.

Those with no facial hair were second-least attractive but had no what it takes to form the perfect romantic partners. Women find more attraction to men with stubble or light beards.

Men with full-grown beards were found least attractive owing to their aggressive yet mature look. Those with no facial hair were second-least attractive but had no what it takes to form the perfect romantic partners.

Two different statistics were also conducted to seek women’s opinions on male facial hair. One was in the form of a simple poll that asked a large sample of women whether they are attracted to men with facial hair.

The report showed that the majority of women find men with beards unattractive. The second study drew a comparison between clean shaven and bearded men. The women were provided with photos lineups of men and asked to select the most attractive.

A majority chose photos of bearded men over the clean-shaven ones. This study actually contradicted the findings from the simple poll.

So what does that mean? Well, it shows that the way women perceive you is just not up to you. From the above studies, it is clear that women hold different views regarding beards. Some prefer men with beards while others see such men as a total waste of their time.

So it’s all about preferences. However, there must be an explanation from each side of the divide. In this article, we are going to look at why some women like beards and why others don’t. Let’s first look at why women prefer facial hair.


The Fuzzy Factor

Some women just love the idea of being held by a man with a beard or mustache. I know you may be asking yourself, why? Well, it all has to do with the cozy and soft feeling they have in them. It just makes them not to want let go. The feeling is, even more, greater when the beard is fully grown.

It tends to be softer creating a perfect cushioning that makes your girl want to hold on you even the more. A full-grown beard is more like a natural blanket that provides your woman with the warmth she so much desires.

Planning on taking your woman out in the cold winter? Well, just think of the benefits she will derive from your cozy facial hair. And in case you don’t have one, it’s not too late to start growing it. Cozy and fuzzy is the way to a woman’s heart bro!


Gives a New Look

Having the same look all year round can be very monotonous, especially to your woman. And it goes without saying that it can have an adverse effect on your relationship. Women like new things – some changes that can actually brighten their day.

And you know what? The changes ought not to be too big in order to get her attention. It can be as little as varying your looks by shaving your beards to different styles.

You can choose to keep it long and full or shave it down to just a little bit of a shadow. Unlike women who have to go to great lengths in order to achieve that new look, facial hair can totally transform the way you look in just an instant.

It is this mysterious transformation that some women find quite irresistible. Well, take some time to experiment with your beard in order to achieve that new look!


Creates a Manly Figure

Masculinity is what makes women more attracted to men. And there is no better way to display your masculine appeal than by growing some beard.

Well, I know you may argue that clean-shaven men tend to have that dashing and handsome figure. But then, the lack of facial hair might print that feminine look on your face, especially for guys who have a fascination for long hairstyles.

However, you wouldn’t like that, would you? Well, this isn’t sexist but rather a fact. And when women see that manly figure, the thing that first comes to mind is a body fully packed with testosterone. A manly figure also depicts great strength, something that women love in men.

It shows the ability of the man to protect her and makes her always feel safe by his side. A man who is in tune with our caveman ancestors is definitely manly!


Looks Good in Anything

Women like a man who makes her the envy of the whole neighborhood. Someone who is responsible and knows how to dress. But the way you dress has to conform to the current trend in fashion.

We know women like fashion and like it better when the man is fashionable as well. However, things may not go all too well for a clean-shaven man. He has to go through lots of trouble to get that look that will appeal to his woman.

And when I talk about looking good what comes to mind first are the flashy expensive suits that may be too costly for some men out there.

On the other hand, a man with a beard doesn’t have to go through all the hassle. He can slip into a pair of Gucci jeans and still look fashionable.

And this means that he doesn’t have to spend much when it comes to achieving the looks that make him blend in. He can wear literally anything but still find some affection from women.


Displays Maturity

There are many stories out there of women dating young boys. Well, I have one word for that – fun. Their main aim is just to derive pleasure and at least create some interest in their life of boredom.

The fact is that women just don’t fancy the idea of dating a man that is still stuck on his boyish face. What they want is a guy who is mature. Someone who knows exactly what he wants in a woman.

And what a better way to show that maturity in you than by growing a beard? A well-groomed beard actually depicts a man who is mature, wise and honest.

Think of the likes of Abraham Lincoln, a wise and honest man who did a great deal of work for his nation. He had some beard on him, didn’t he?

However, that’s not the point since there are hundreds of clean-shaven men who are known to be wiser.

It’s all about a beard getting rid of that boyish face that women find quite unattractive. You may be immature underneath, but a beard will go a long way in making you more attractive to women.

Now let’s look at the other side of the coin – why women do not like men with beards. This will help eliminate any bias regarding this subject. Please read on and discover why they dislike it.


Beard Burn

Well, facial hair tends to create a burning sensation on contact. Women find this not cool especially when a guy’s stubbly rubs against her skin.

And we know just how women treasure their looks, particularly the skin. The burning sensation can trigger skin rashes, something that every woman tries to avoid.

And what about those unsightly blemishes? Well, no woman would want to get close to your stubbly when such a feeling happens to cross her mind.

But then it’s not the beard that they don’t like rather the burning sensation it triggers. So be careful next time not to let your facial hair not come close to her face.

She will choose to avoid sitting close to you if you don’t keep it out of her way. And in case your woman happens to have that sensitive skin, then I advise you to just give your beard a clean shave and stay out of trouble. It won’t cost you a thing and she will definitely get to love you even the more.



Imagine you are eating then some food gets stuck in your beard. That’s gross, isn’t it? And I bet that your woman won’t take it lightly.

Things may even get worse when you don’t notice it during meal time and get in bed with it. She will definitely get mad and write you down some rules for mealtime or even tell you to cut it all down.

It is quite an embarrassing thing for your woman especially when you walk with it around the neighborhood. It is downright nasty and don’t blame it on your woman when she says it definitely turns her off.

So watch out for the little bits the next time you are taking a meal. It may cost your relationship! Therefore take great care not to experience her wrath.


Wild and Untidy

According to the history of evolution, a man traces his ancestry to species that had lots of hair. For some women, a man with wild hair tends to have that animalistic behavior of being overly aggressive.

They still believe there is still some wild nature to such a man and will do everything possible to keep clear off him. In short, they just can’t stand it.

Others associate beards with untidiness especially when it is not well-groomed. It paints a picture of someone who is unhygienic and doesn’t really know what’s good for him.

Other women also see it as lack of moral upbringing and possibly a thug in the making. It is quite scary for them and totally puts them off.


It’s All but a Ploy

Some women take beards as just but a tool that men use to mask their nature and appearances. And we all know better that appearances can be quite deceiving. As I had earlier pointed out, women like men who have that masculine appeal in them.

Therefore, some men will go to greater lengths to grow a beard just to cover up their boyish faces. It is more of a facade that hides their lack of true manliness. Women are too careful not to fall prey to such tricks.

And the only best way to do it is keep away from men with beards. So when she turns you down, just understand that she means business. There is no second chance whatsoever!

There are actually many controversies in this subject. And in case you were expecting a conclusive answer, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. It is all about preferences.

However, one thing that both sides of the divide agree on is that the beard in question has to be clean and well-groomed. And when I say clean, I mean washed with no traces of dirt or other debris.

Those that find beards attractive also tend to be choosy regarding the length of the beard. They prefer shorter beards to longer ones.

Also, other beard styles don’t appeal to them, such as Santa Claus, Lumberjack , Duck Dynasty, Goatee and Chin Strap. Hipster beards, on the other hand, are so in with the ladies.

However, the main thing is to keep it clean and well-trimmed if you want to get more attention from women and possibly get a suitor.


But before I wind up, I have a word for women. Don’t be taken away by the first impression. Despite the fact that it can be not ignored, the physical appearance of a man is not that important.

At the end of the day, all that matters is responsibility, trustworthy and focus in life. Life decisions can’t be made on whether or not a man has a beard. Take a moment and think it over.

And in case you have any comments then feel free to post it below. I will be happy to know your take on the subject.