50 Fashionable Hipster Beards – Up To The Minute Styles

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What does it mean to be a hipster? It usually means that you associate yourself with trends and like to project a stylish and progressive image. Hipster beards are beards that are in keeping with the latest fashions and those that are seen breaking all the rules and still being on perfectly on trend. Curious to see what’s hot? Enjoy these fashionable beards!

# 1 Free Spirit

Here the beard is grown out all around to a medium length but shaved neatly to end just under the jaw line. He’s got a small soul patch with a thick moustache that hugs the lip.

# 2 Sexy Long Stubble

This long stubble beard was trimmed precisely in order to separate it from the moustache, which glides just past the lips. His facial hair looks well maintained and has been kept at a uniform length.

# 3 Bushy And Full

His beard has been grown out long all along the sides and over the chin and covers the bottom portion of his face. He’s wearing it with a full bristly beard and the hair has a soft looking texture.

# 4 Festival Vibes

Long hair and hipster beards are a hot combo. Here we see a medium length beard that extends partly into the neck, with a trimmed moustache that sits on the upper lip.

# 5 Chin Up

This beard is slightly longer over the chin area, adding length to his face. The facial hair has been grown out all around and the moustache is subtly divided from the beard. 

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