75 Fabulous Pompadour Haircut For Men – Beautiful Ideas

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# 6 Side Part Pompadour

The side part pompadour does not look as rockabilly as the regular pompadour, and this is what people that wear it love most about it. It also doesn’t seem too conservative, and so it is suitable for a person who wants something in between the two extremes. The side part combines the good aspects of the two styles to give you a different cut that you will want to wear regularly.

# 7 Classic Pompadour

This is the original or the old pompadour and all the modern variations of this cut are based on this style. The sides and back of the head in this cut are clipped but not too short because the scalp should not be exposed. The edges should be tapered tight, but you should make sure that some length is maintained throughout the head. Since more length is kept on the sides, this cut will suit most faces but is best for people with long faces as it maintains a balance between the top and sides.

# 8 Extreme Pompadour

Extreme pompadour is a modern look that men with round or oval face should wear. In this cut, the sides are clipped on grade one. To make the cut even more extreme, you can also consider a skin fade where the haircut starts with no grade on the Clippers. The hair at the top should be clipped as high as possible to ensure that you keep more length in this section. Lastly, you can wear this cut connected into the crown or disconnect it so that the hair can hang below the crown.

# 9 Skin Faded and Disconnected Pomp

Skin fading entails very short hair at the back and sides, and it can be used to enhance or bring uniformity to any cut. In this cut, skin fade is used to highlight or make the pompadour more visible and a side part is used to create the disconnection between the pomp and the rest of the hairs. The disconnected pompadour is a good cut for people with oval and triangular face shape and just like most other pomp cuts it can work with most hair types.

# 10 High Fade Pompadour

Some barbering prowess will be needed to get this cut right. Unlike the simple razor faded pomp this one does not expose the scalp on the sides, but it goes very close almost exposing it. The length of the side hairs is what makes it different from the low fade pompadour, and so the barber has to know the exact height to leave on the sides to get this cut right.

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