50 Classy & Simple Adam Levine Haircut Styles – All His Favorite

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Does it ever cross your thoughts which Adam Levine haircut would best suit you? Love or hate him, he is a star whose influence on fashion has been phenomenal. About him, you would not miss noticing his trendy hairstyles that thrill fans whenever he is performing. If it does, here are top of his 50 hairstyles that you may adapt and who knows what fame may come your way.

# 1 Short & Official

Whenever he is in his official looks, Levine wants everything to complement it. In this particular time, he is attending an interview and you can see that his hair does not fail him. It is a short trim where the sides are brushed to a downward trail with the longer top styled to a glossy mop. It is perfect and, of course, one of the most iconic cuts that he pulls from time to time.

# 2 High Pomp

Probably out on a casual stroll with a friend, Levine does not let his style guard down. His hair is designed into a high-top flip with dropping sides that are combed into sleek fineness. Every detail is put with an intention to bring out his gorgeous cheekbones and face. You cannot stop admiring such an appearance or go ahead and have one for yourself.

# 3 Neat Spikes

The red carpets are a norm that he has to live with. To look impressive as always, here the star chose to go with the spiked top and you would not have advised him otherwise if you were his stylist. The sides are fading in size with a downward comb while the top is left with sharp tips slightly pointing towards the back. Spiky all the top is such a greatness that brings out his lovely looks and the girls go berserk when he climbs to the stage.

# 4 Shaggy

Getting ready for a performance in a cold weather is not easy for any artist. Levine understands this better and that is why the shaggy appearance shows up as one of his trademark haircuts. He fades the sides by combing them backwards to a smooth bed. The top crown is left racing and shaggy with a trivial flip towards the back. Even though he is known for his soft looking cuts, the shagginess does not dull his handsomeness.

# 5 Long Waves

You can see that in this performance, his hair does a great impression on the fans. Of course his lively stunts on stage entertain but you can’t help but notice how his long waves are perfectly suited for the concert. The top is left wild, long and wavy to an admiration noticeable from all angles. 

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