How To Grow A Beard – 25 Eye-Catching Beard Styles

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A beard is one of the things that define masculinity, and they are good to rub when a man is deep in thought. They also protect your face from being burnt by the sun, hide neck flab and also help you avoid the razor cuts and nicks. However, the primary reason most men keep facial hairs is that they are fashionable, and they complement male’s haircuts. The real issues come with the styling because some men do not have an idea on how to style it but the following 25 amazing beard styles will give them the inspiration needed to look awesome. How to grow facial hairs should not be an issue because growing beards is easy, and it comes naturally for men.

# 1 The Neat Bandholz

beard styles

The Bandoholz is one of the most common types of beard, and this is probably because it is easier to grow and also easy to wear and maintain. However, in this particular look, it is made neater than what you would find in other styles, and it is combined with a hairstyle that matches the beard. To wear it all, you need to do is let it grow long for a couple of weeks or months depending on the speed of growth. Once fully grown use scissors to trim it to a uniform length but maintain the long length. 

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