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How To Grow A Beard – 25 Eye-Catching Beard Styles

A beard is one of the things that define masculinity, and they are good to rub when a man is deep in thought. They also protect your face from being burnt by the sun, hide neck flab and also help you avoid the razor cuts and nicks.

However, the primary reason most men keep facial hairs is that they are fashionable, and they complement male’s haircuts. How to grow facial hairs should not be an issue because growing beards is easy, and it comes naturally for men.

The real issues come with the styling because some men do not have an idea on how to style it but the following 25 amazing beard styles will give them the inspiration needed to look awesome.

# 1 The Neat Bandholz

The Bandoholz is one of the most common types of beard, and this is probably because it is easier to grow and also easy to wear and maintain.

However, in this particular look, it is made neater than what you would find in other styles, and it is combined with a hairstyle that matches the beard.

To wear it all, you need to do is let it grow long for a couple of weeks or months depending on the speed of growth. Once fully grown use scissors to trim it to a uniform length but maintain the long length.


# 2 Short Full Beard

Full beard does not always have to be very long to look fabulous because it is neatly trimmed short it can look outstanding on any man. The trick to getting splendid short full facial hairs is to let the hair grow as long as possible before trimming it short.

Letting the hair grow long will ensure that you have enough hairs on the face to make the style full. If you try to wear the look on a short stubble, you are more likely to have some patches with very short or non-uniform hairs.


# 3 The Close Shave

This is an attractive style, but people that do not understand it would argue that it is not a beard look since there is no clear style. However, it qualifies to be called a close shave, and it is also very common.

This look involves shaving the facial hair very close but not to a clean level. Subtle hairs should still be visible on the face, and the hair should be uniform in size.

The level of the facial hair should make a man look like he has gone for a couple of days without a shave. This cut is suitable for men who love beards but do not want to maintain very long ones.


# 4 Almost Hipster Look

A hipster beard is used to finish the modern hipster look, and it can enhance any hairstyle. However, this style comes short of the hipster look because despite having most of the characteristics of this type of beard it is not shaggy.

The facial hair appears well trimmed and combed, but it is grown in the same way as the hipster facial hairs. A mustache is also maintained, and it has to be trimmed to blend in with current style.


# 5 Short and Nicely Colored

Just as in the case with the hair, some color can make the facial hairs look splendid, and you need not overdo the cut or styling as the color does everything for you. However, the trick is in the choice of the color to use.

For this style to look good go for natural hair colors such as brown, black or some red tones and make sure that the color you choose can blend in with your strands color. The facial hairs should also be neatly trimmed short and well groomed for this style to look good on you.


# 6 Well Trimmed Beard and a Bald Head

The bald head is an important element in this style as it helps to shift more attention to the neatly trimmed long facial hairs.

More beauty is added to this style by the fact that the beard appears to grow in a wavy pattern and besides from being well trimmed it is also outlined well with a razor and some quality product used on it.


# 7 Braided Long Beard

To wear this style you have to keep a very long beard, and this means that you should not shave it for a couple of months or even years.

However, if you already have a long facial hair then to wear this style you should weave it into two long braids on the chin. You can shave or trim the rest of it to make the two braids your center of attraction.


# 8 Mustache with Faded Beard

Chin strip can be worn on any face shape but the one combined with a mustache is best suited for men with a diamond face shape.

The mustache brings about balance in the diamond face shape and hence creating a more attractive look. For this style, the beard should be kept short but on the same level with the mustache.


# 9 The Short Stubble

Short stubble is arguably one of the easiest styles to wear as it can be achieved by letting the hair go for a few days without being shaved.

To maintain this look, you should use a trimmer, but you have to make sure that the guard in the trimmer is set all the way back. The hairs below the Adam’s apple should be razor shaved.


# 10 Medium Long and Well Groomed

With beards sometimes all you have to do is to groom it and it will look splendid. In this style, a medium length is maintained, and more attention is focused on grooming the facial hairs. Since the facial hair is full, you can leave it as it is or trim it to give it a uniform size.

However, the most important thing is to use some quality products to give it a spark.


# 11 The Viking Style

Viking style is extreme because it should cover a large portion of the face. In this look, the mustache is also let to overgrow, and little trimming is done on the hair.

The only noticeable cuts done on the facial hairs are the ones used to make it uniform. To grow this type of beard, you will require a lot of patience.

However, to start it off just let your stubble grow for about a month and then you can start shaping them while limiting any cuts that reduce the size.


# 12 Chin Strip and a Mustache

Chin strip looks great on round and oval faces, and they are also easy to style for men whose facial hairs grow in a certain pattern.

As the name suggests having this beard requires hairs growing in a strip on your chin and you should pair this with a neat mustache to complete a gorgeous bold look.


# 13 Goatee and Mustache

These styles combine an awesome goatee and a thick mustache to create a look that can be both casual and formal. To make sure that the goatee and mustache are the main centers of attraction the rest of the facial hairs should be cleanly shaved.

A mustache is easy to grow since most men naturally have it, but the goatee may be a little tricky to keep because not all facial hairs can grow in this pattern.


# 14 Extra Long Goatee with French Mustache

The extra long goatee is a very popular beard style in the Japanese culture, but this look adds some spice to it by combining it with an extra long French mustache.

Even though the mustache looks over-sized, it still makes a great style, and any man that is bold enough and can keep a very long goatee and mustache should try it.


# 15 Short and Natural

Keeping your stubble short and natural is sometimes all you need to get a gorgeous look. In this style, it is enhanced by the neat chin hairs that almost look like a goatee and the decent mustache.

The beard is then roughly scissor trimmed to give a shaggy but still natural look. It is important not to cut the facial hair too short because the shorter it is the less natural it will look, and it will portray visible signs of shaving.


# 16 Sideburns, Mustache, and Short Stubble

beard styles

Sideburns join the mane to the facial hairs, and so they have a way of complementing each of the two types of hairs. In this style neatly shaved sideburns combine well with a short and well kept mustache and a short stubble style beard to create a unique look.

To wear this style you only need to maintain thick sideburns that should be about three inches long and a small mustache. For the stubble, you should let your facial hairs go unshaven for a couple of days.


# 17 Fully Grown Goatee

beard styles

The fully grown out goatee is an incredible style and stands out due to its size. Although not all men can keep a goatee those who have it should wear this style by letting it grow beyond the ordinary short size that most men prefer to keep.

It should then be slightly trimmed to maintain uniformity. This style seems to look better on men with white or gray hairs because these natural colors add a stylish appearance to an already fantastic beard.


# 18 Professionally Short

Keeping a beard professional or formal is very easy as all you need to do is to keep it short. Contrary to what most people think you do not have to shave cleanly your face to wear a business look.

A short and neat stubble also makes a professional look, and it can be worn for any formal occasion. The idea of this style is to keep the facial hair to a level that it would grow to if unshaven for a couple of days. A mustache will also be an added advantage for this style.


# 19 French Mustaches and Medium Stubble

In this look, most people will probably not notice the medium stubble facial hair because the mustache will take most of the attention.

The huge French mustache that has been keenly shaped and styled totally changes the appearance of a man and so you have to be sure of the look you want to wear before choosing this style.

Due to its size growing it will require a lot of patience and grooming, but for the medium stubble, things should be simpler as you can let your hair grow to this size after a shave or trim your long beard to this size.


# 20 All White and Extra Full

Full beards look amazing, but they look even much better if they are made extra longer. The longer the facial hair, the fuller it will look and if combed creatively then it creates an incredible look.

In this style, things are taken a little further by the all white natural color and, of course, the mustache also spices up things more. As age catches up your facial hair will change color, but younger men can also get this color for their beard by dying it.


# 21 Extreme Beard and Mustache

Extreme beards and mustache give a man a villain or a Viking look, and it is a very popular style for bikers and men with a rebel attitude.

Styling this type of stubble is very simple as all that is needed is a good combing, but growing it is the tricky part as it has to be grown full and to an extreme length.

However, a good way to start it off is by scrubbing your face to clear the path for your hair to grow. Eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep have also been proven to aid in hair growth.


# 22 Long and Wavy with Some Color

Some men are lucky enough to have a naturally wavy beard but even for those that do not have this type of facial hair there are many ways to make their long facial hair wavy.

The beard in this style should be long enough to touch at least the chest when combed and styled. Although it will look just beautiful, styled it is a good idea to spice up by giving it some color. A red tone looks best on most men.


# 23 The Mutton Chops

The mutton chops are best suited for men with an oblong face shape because they bring balance to their face.

Mutton chops join the mustache to the sideburns but what makes them a distinct style is the absence of hairs on the chin, or if present they are made shorter than the other facial hairs.

To grow mutton chops, you should let your sideburns grow to the corners of your mouth while also keeping a mustache.


# 24 Van Dyke Style

beard styles


Facial hairs do not grow in the same pattern for all men. Whereas some men are lucky enough for hairs to grow all over their face, some only have them on the chin and mustache area.

However, even without hairs all over the face a man can still style the stubble on the chin and combine it with a mustache for a perfect Van Dyke look.

The trick behind this style is to shave clean all the smaller hairs on the other part of the face if any to ensure that all attention remains on the chin strip and mustache.


# 25 Scissor Trim Perfection

This style demonstrates how a pair of scissors can change a man’s look by giving his beard a perfect trim. Here the scissor does all the hard work, and so this style relies purely on the skills of your barber because all you have to do is grow the facial hair to medium length.

It is also an easy style to maintain through regular trimming. Since it is very short, you can also use a razor, but it will probably not look as good.


A beard is an essential part of a man’s style and appearance, and so it is crucial to make it look as good as possible. There are several styles that you can try out, and the above beard styles should give you some ideas.

However, the trick behind a good looking facial hair is styling it according to its natural growth pattern and being patient to let the beard grow.