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75+ Attractive Facial Hair Styles – New Modern Trends

Your face is distinct even from that guy you think he looks like you. Facial hair styles are not just about getting a rushing design; there are details you should get right.

So you need to give it a style that complements and brings out the best out of it. If you want to come from the barber with a smile on your face, you have to make an informed choice.

# 1 Anchor Style

For the guys who love long hair, here is a style that will give you the looks and sophistication. With the hair left to do its natural waves, it is drawn backwards and left to fall beyond the shoulders.

The long waves are brought to the front of the shoulder and it is a look to behold. The face is left in the clear showing off your bold and handsome features with a great beard of an anchor style.


# 2 Modern Stubble

All modernity is in this style just like its name suggests. Sides of a head are cleared while the top is slightly touched to a flattened but lofty impression.

And the face has visible and carefully styled stubble. It is a look you can have for all occasions.


# 3 Light Shadow

Light shadow is a catch for many men and its popularity for facial hair styles is ever on the rise.

On a head, the hair is parted from the top patch and combed downwards leading to a falling impression. Meanwhile face has almost invisible light shadow which will give a confident and sexy look.


# 4 Great Beard & Mustache

Guys with great beard and mustache are real eye-catch with the girls. But what if that is topped with an excellent cut on the head top? It is no doubt that such an addition will be a master piece.

A cut has cleared sides while the top is given an upward boost only to be slightly swept to one side. Full grown beard and neat mustache complements the cut and makes the whole look exquisite.


# 5 Blond Extended Goatee

We all concur that blonds get extra attention if they have smartly tended their hair – facial and on the head. Blond extended goatee is an excellent addition to your cute guy look.

Hair on the head is set to fall to the back and the sides to form fountain-like look. Face is left free from any single strand and you can see the short goatee that gives this style its exclusivity.


# 6 Verdi with Stubble

Every other time you pass a guy with this style, you always turn to see the details. Verdi with stubble is an excellent choice that will leave your face exuding confidence and beauty.

In this look you have more visible mustache and goatee, cheeks are covered with stubble. Hair on a head is bound into a single mop and then drawn backwards.

A disguised pony tail is knotted at the back. It is a style you do not have to bother with extensive maintenance.


# 7 Neat & Short

It is a neat and short style that can go for any occasion whether formal or a casual-guy event. You don’t need to spend much time on beard styling, some trimming and you’re good to go.

Paired with formal haircut, the look will give you ladies’ attention.


# 8 Barely Visible Goatee

If you’re still not sure whether to have full grown beard or not, you can easily try this style out.

The goatee would not be noticeable from far and it is an intention by the stylist. Also this is a design that a guy would need for a starring look.


# 9 Hipster’s Mustache

A cleverly done mustache is a turn-on that you would want as you take a stroll in the streets on a casual weekend.

The mustache is styled into what looks like bull’s horns over the top lip. The look is completed with a deserving haircut with cleaned sides and a backward combed top.


# 10 Colored Head

The head sides and the trimmed beard are colored into a shiny blue while the top patch is left in natural black. It is a very brave image and you should think first before you try it.

Sides are shaved smooth while a top is left in medium size. The forehead ends up as the front of a cave and your stunning beauty is left for the ladies to see it bare.


# 11 Extremely Long

Is long not adequate for you? Well, extreme long beard will be something that will grab your attention and want it all to yourself.

The front beard is left to run long and low while the side cheeks are trimmed just a little. The lips are hidden in the resulting heap.

For the guy who wants a unique look then here is your chance to get it. If you are a fan of capes the close knot will cover the top head and leave all the attention on your beard.


# 12 Bold and Bearded

Head is shaved to balloon smoothness hence the term bold. Barber takes every single hair strand on the head but does not touch anything on the facial hair.

Sideburns, mustache and the under chin of the beard are left wild. They are only touched to give them a shining appearance that will be the real deal in your look.


# 13 Samurai Style

Borrowed from the Japanese Samurai, this style is an amazing choice for a trend-conscious guy.

Sideburns are shaved up to the end of the cheeks while the under-chin section is slightly trimmed to a smooth touch and look. On the head, the sides are drawn downwards for them to appear as an undercut to the top patch.

Top is dragged backwards to meet the fall part to form Samurai-looking knot. Face is left radiant with every feature exposed for maximum attention.


# 14 Red Bandholz

Beard and head are thick with a reddish look. ‘Bushy’ effect starts on the head where hair is set to go wavy and drawn to the back.

A few strands on the front are made into bangs that fall by the side of one cheek. Facial hair is trimmed shortly on the sides but left to grow under-chin.


# 15 Braided Facial Hair

‘Bad guy’ look is what you will get from the braided facial hair and it is one of the top-end styles. The look was made a hit in the Pirates of the Caribbean Sea and it has become a look than many guys would have for their facial cuts.

The head hair and the beard is braided and beautified with additions of colorful beads. It is an image for both the fun and serious looking guy.


# 16 Dreads & Beard

‘Mr lofty’ would be your new moniker if you can pull this style. Of course you can have it by shaving your sides and braiding the top hair into what appears to be brown dreads given rising coils.

The beard is shaved to a short size all round and the result is bewildering. It is a look that will make you look taller and you definitely want to seem a few inches taller, don’t you?


# 17 Top Bun

Charm that comes with this design is something you would want for your next party or a date. Sides and beard are trimmed. For the beard, a brown effect would be the best.

Top patch is mopped up to a bundle that ends at the top back of the end as pony tail. Sides are separated from the top by a clear line and you won’t but notice how every detail fits in place.


# 18 Wide White

A great beard is something that goes a long way to complement the looks of a guy. Head is left with sparse hair because the attention is not intended for it this time round.

Beard is what is given a colorful all-white appearance. It is not trimmed on the lower chin but the sides are given a mild touch. Wide white is a style and treat that you would take pride in.


# 19 Weird Beard

If weird look is something you always want to have, the weird beard gives you a more than fair share of it.

With the facial hair roots seemingly originating from the mustache and the sides, both ends form wild ram-like coiled horns. There are gaping holes in both sides and what a creation of something that starts so simple.


# 20 Classic Goatee

Classic Goatee


For the classic guy who does not want the trouble of long hair, this is the style for you. The top sideburns seem to originate from the sides of the head which are trimmed to a short size.

Only the under-chin is left with a beard with nothing to go for a mustache. It is a simple look that would be great for a classic guy who does not want to go to the barber every now and then.


# 21 Long & Thin Mustache

Long & Thin Mustache


A thin mustache is a great look that would go with many styles and occasions. Long and thin mustache would be a good addition to your sparse facial hair.

It originates from the sides of the head and drops down to make a groovy curve around the lips. It is an establishment that would give you a good angle to kiss a lady and she will love the smooth-rough sensation to her lips.


# 22 Mutton Chops

Mutton chops for a facial hair design is a fabulous look that would pass for any trendy guy. Beard is sectioned into 2 sides by a clearing under the chin.

But mustache makes a connection between the 2 sides. It looks like two sections of a lagoon trying not to converge but at last give in to the will of nature.

The mutton chops are simple guy look but it has the intense to give a smart appearance from the face front.


# 23 Tapered Design

A heart-shaped long beard is an excellent cut for all guys (of course if you are blessed with a long facial hairs).

It starts from the end of the lower side hairline and then makes an impressive fall covering the entire front neck view. No trim is done so as to achieve the full impact of the style.


# 24 Unusual Goatee

Head and cheeks are void of any single hair strand. The only hair left is on the eye brows, the lashes and of course an extraordinary goatee.

The goatee begins at the center and underside of the lower lip and makes a drop slightly below the chin. The low tips of the beard are dyed white while the top section is left naturally black.


# 25 French Fork Variation

‘Bad boys’ would die to have this style for their beards. Sideburns are cleared out if there are any. The facial hair begins at the lowest part of the chin downwards. It is parted into two to form the fork-like appearance.

Mustache is left intact to give it a rooted beginning. The tips at the fork ends are left curly and rarely given a combing to keep them straight.


# 26 No Mustache

It is never compulsory to have a mustache to have a great facial cut, but if you have one you can still have it taken away for the no-mustache style.

Your short chin beard is given a golden tone and extends for only a few inches from where it begins.

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You can never complain you only have a few styles to give your face a deserving cut. Whether you want it long, short, weird or classic; you have your concerns taken care of.

You now have 76 timeless facial hair styles and they are all easy and effortless to obtain. Just pick a few styles that work for you and every other day you will have a refreshed look.

Do not let others outshine you when you have all what you need at your disposal.