75+ Attractive Facial Hair Styles – New Modern Trends

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Your face is distinct even from that guy you think he looks like you. Facial hair styles are not just about getting a rushing design; there are details you should get right. So you need to give it a style that complements and brings out the best out of it. If you want to come from the barber with a smile on your face, you have to make an informed choice.

# 1 Anchor Style

For the guys who love long hair, here is a style that will give you the looks and sophistication. With the hair left to do its natural waves, it is drawn backwards and left to fall beyond the shoulders. The long waves are brought to the front of the shoulder and it is a look to behold. The face is left in the clear showing off your bold and handsome features with a great beard of an anchor style.

# 2 Modern Stubble

All modernity is in this style just like its name suggests. Sides of a head are cleared while the top is slightly touched to a flattened but lofty impression. And the face has visible and carefully styled stubble. It is a look you can have for all occasions.

# 3 Light Shadow

Light shadow is a catch for many men and its popularity for facial hair styles is ever on the rise. On a head, the hair is parted from the top patch and combed downwards leading to a falling impression. Meanwhile face has almost invisible light shadow which will give a confident and sexy look.

# 4 Great Beard & Mustache

Guys with great beard and mustache are real eye-catch with the girls. But what if that is topped with an excellent cut on the head top? It is no doubt that such an addition will be a master piece. A cut has cleared sides while the top is given an upward boost only to be slightly swept to one side. Full grown beard and neat mustache complements the cut and makes the whole look exquisite.

# 5 Blond Extended Goatee

We all concur that blonds get extra attention if they have smartly tended their hair – facial and on the head. Blond extended goatee is an excellent addition to your cute guy look. Hair on the head is set to fall to the back and the sides to form fountain-like look. Face is left free from any single strand and you can see the short goatee that gives this style its exclusivity. 

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