50 New Ideas for Men’s Fishtail Braid – The Superior Style

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So you’ve grown your hair out – now what? Now you need to style it of course!
There’re various looks that you can try and one of them is definitely braids; particularly fishtail braids which are becoming quite trendy for guys and girls alike. The fishtail braid, sometimes also referred to as the herringbone braid, is created in a similar fashion to the French braid. The difference is that instead of using three sections of hair (as with the French) the fishtail braid uses only two. Let’s have a look at this and some other braids as well.

# 1 Relaxed Urban Braid

This is relaxed look; a few braids run the length of the head and end in smaller braids which rest casually against the shoulders.

# 2 Long Hair? No Problem

In this picture, we see three smaller fishtail braids on the side next to a large braid that runs down the center. The pattern was repeated on the opposite side and the braided ponies were tied in place.

# 3 Skin Fade with Fishtail Braids

Skin Fade with Fishtail Braids


Here we see a style that features a tapered undercut with longer hair in the top section. These locks were divided in two and each piece was skillfully braided, with the two braids meeting at the back.

# 4 Tiered Look

This is an interesting look and may have taken some time to achieve, but it was well worth it. There’s an undercut along the bottom section with a braid along the middle side. The end of this braid joins with the rest of the hair, which has been brushed back, and is styled in a man bun.

# 5 Spruce Braids

When you have short sides with long hair on top, a braid can help keep you looking neat and stylish. This style is great with its bold, black braids and hard parting.

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