50 New Ideas for Men’s Fishtail Braid – The Superior Style

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# 6 Bright Braid

Bright Braid


This look features a thick fishtail braid on top of the head that has been colored platinum blonde. The buzz cut sides have been left dark.

# 7 Classy Style

The two braids that run along each side here look so intricate; this is definitely a well put together style. Notice the hard parting and the simple sides.

# 8 Fishtail Man Bun

In this picture we see that his long hair was brushed back then styled into a man bun. Above the ears, two fishtail braids were added.

# 9 Sleek Cornrows

Here a sleek look has been created by styling the hair back in thin cornrows. These cornrows become box braids and just brush the neck.

# 10 Braid Pony

In this look, three French Braids on either side of the head feed into a larger braid that runs from the center of the head down the back. This braid becomes a braid ponytail.

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