45 Exquisite Flat Top Haircut Designs – New Style In 2019

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# 6 Trio-Fork

The sides are shaved and the top is trimmed to a compact portion. The genius in this cut is the 3-fork appearance from the front. One of the fork’s ends is colored to a dramatic finish.

# 7 Long Coiffeur

Only the low sides are trimmed but the rest of hair is styled into a blunted appearance. The sides and top are left thick and shiny. There is an effort to make the top patch into a flat landing.

# 8 Real Flatbed

Here is where the idea began. Hair trimmed to a thick compact, it is left looking stout and the top is pronounced to get positive admiration.

# 9 Slanting High Cliff

A cliff-like appearance at the front is what begins this hairstyle. It slants towards the back and then ends naturally into the faded back and it dissolved into the wilderness of bareness on the sides.

# 10 Real Flattened Look Throw Back

Here is how it used to be done back in the years. Thick mop and relatively short with clean sides and there you have what was then the best top.

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