45 Exquisite Flat Top Haircut Designs – New Style In 2019

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# 11 Ooozing Slid Back

Who said that this haircut can never be touched with a modernist creativity? Here it is with a slid back top that is guarded on the sides by cleanly shaven sides.

# 12 Midget Trim

It can be short and still pass for the greatness of this style. Faded sides give rise to what is a vertical climb only to be ended abruptly just less than an inch from the scalp.

# 13 Smart Look

Vertical rising strands form the canopy at the top and end with blunted tips creating a flatbed impression. It is a creation that has caught up with celebs and you will see them showing it off.

# 14 Classical Trim

It is short and exclusive for those who do not want the noticeable high end. Sides are layered into varying lengths before it ends up with a longer but tamed top.

# 15 Getting Colorful

It is the realest high top but this one has an addition of radiant yellowish color. It is supremely pronounced on the tips and you would fall in love with what you see.

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