100 Beautiful Hairstyles For Black Men – New Styling Ideas

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# 16 Short and Simple

Sometimes all a black man has to do for an exquisite look is to cut his strands short and simple. In this style, you do not even have to do any styling as your natural looks will do everything for you. Just reduce your hair to slightly less than one inch and you have yourself an amazing hairstyle.

# 17 Nappy With Some Color

A black man can add some spice to his short afro hair by giving it a color that goes well with their skin tone. Brown and light brown are the most popular colors with black men but if you are not sure what to use you can consult with your hair stylist or barber for some advice.

# 18 Simple And Classic Dreads

There is some class in simplicity, and so you do not have to exaggerate things for your locks to look good. Holding a portion of your hair in a simple man bun and then letting the rest flow naturally will make you look classic. If you keep a long beard, you can add some uniqueness to your style by twisting your beard into one or a couple of locks.

# 19 Nappy Pride

Short nappy hair looks particularly good on men with an oval, triangular or square shape. To make this style look perfect on you make sure to keep the hair as natural as possible and shave the sides and back. However, you can use some products to make the short curls more detailed.

# 20 The Three Level Hair

This style starts with a neatly combed medium size afro strands. The medium size afro is then divided into three levels. A side parting is used to separate the upper hair from the base hairs that should be shorter. The sides and back are then shaved closely to create a distinction between the base hair and the sides and back.

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