100 Beautiful Hairstyles For Black Men – New Styling Ideas

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# 11 Curly Hair – Styled Frontwards

Black men with a naturally curly mane can get this exquisite look by trimming their hair to medium length and then styling it forward to cover a small part of their forehead. To make sure that all the attention is in the top curly locks you should shave the sides and back and blend them in with your sideburns.

# 12 Short Curly Hair

The short curly hairstyle is not a preserve of men with naturally curly strands since any other man can get it if they use some hair products and styling to make their hair curly. The short curly locks in this style are left at the top part of the head while the sides and back are closely trimmed.

# 13 Locks with a Twist

Besides from the fact that the locks in this hair are twisted the style also has a twist because it is quite unconventional. The long locks are left in the top section while the rest of the head is closely shaved. To finish the look, the locks are then pulled frontwards and tied together with a band.

# 14 Short and Shaggy

When a black man’s hair is left Shaggy, it looks like it has been twisted due to its texture. This can be a style, and so all you have to do is to shave the sides and back and leave the front section short and shaggy. You should also shave your beard neatly to ensure that your hair is the center of attraction.

# 15 The Curly Man-bun

This is a unique hairstyle that every man with curly hair should try. With a medium or long curly locks, you can be able to pull this look by holding your hair at the center of your head into a big man bun. You should then shave the sides and back closely to create a distinct line and to get rid of the short hairs that cannot be pulled into the bun.

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